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TSCentral as the name suggest is one of its kind, largest internet database of brands. We curate best brands for thousands of topics for different countries. We have scanned millions of products to learn about the best brands for thousands of topics. We rely on open internet and various data partners to collect and curate the brands lists.

We currently curate consumer product brands and publish them. Our algorithm continously learn about new brands and improve the database itself thanks to AI. Our database includes 80000+ brands from range of topics and categories. Apart from Englidh, our lists are also published in four other languages and regions. This makes our database unique and more inclusive.

Most customers rely on the brand name and brand reputation. In other words, it is the Brand name that comes first in their mind before even they purchase a product. Brand awareness and brand loyalty matter a lot for both consumers and brand owners. With TSCentral.com, we aim to connect brands with their consumers in various ways.

Due to our data-driven approach to curare brand lists, most of our lists are as accurate as possible. Our data and rankings are unbiased and not depending on any human interference. So as a consumer you can surely count on our recommendations.

Frequently asked questions about TSCentral.com

Q.1 How can we get listed on any list?

TSCentral.com currently relies on automated algorithms to rank the best brands. We don't interfere with automatically curated lists but rather try improving our algorithm to include the best brands automatically. If your brand is not listed for any topic you want to, please submit it here. Although submissions do not guarantee inclusion, we try to review all the submissions in a stipulated timeframe and include brands when possible.

Q.2 How can we advertise on TSCentral.com??

We currently do not accept any advertising requests.

Q.3 We have noticed some inaccuracies in a curated list. How can we report it?

Since we rely on proprietary algorithms to curate the best brand's lists and these brands rank based on various signals such as shopping trends, product popularity, social media influence, and more, It is sometimes possible that algorithms rely on wrong signals to rank these brands and hence may end up including wrong information. We kindly suggest you report the problems here.

Q.4 How TSCentral is different?

TSCentral curates and publishes the best brands list for eight regions, including five different languages. We rank brands based on brand performance among many other factors, and hence each brand may rank differently for a different country/region. Apart from that, we proudly recommend the best brands without any bias due to our automated algorithms.

Q.5 Who can use TSCentral?

TSCentral is for consumers who want to select the right product for their next purchase. As we already know, there are hundreds or sometimes thousands of products currently competing with each other, and that adds a lot of marketing noise. Selecting the right product should be hassle-free. We don't have everything at our fingertip, and hence we need a ready reference guide when shopping. TSCentral aim to take the pain out of your next shopping decision. Want to buy a gaming computer or SSD card? Which is the best brand? Well, TSCentral can come in handy in such a case.!

Q.6 How can we optimize our Brand on TSCentral?

As a brand owner, you can optimize your exposure on TSCentral so other consumers can easily find and rely on you.

If you are a brand owner, you may want to get the best out of your brandlist ranking(s). We hope to offer self-serving Brand Portal where brand owners can verify their listing, improve their profile, collect user's reviews and do much more. We are still working on Brand Portal and will make it available within the next few weeks. If you're interested in getting an update, feel free to subscribe.

Q.7 What kind of brands can we find on TSCentral?

We currently focus on consumer products because that's where there is most noise. We plan to include other topics and verticals in the future.

Q.8 Is Brandlist a Search Engine?

TSCentral focuses on Best Brands, so you can't expect endless results for a variety of topics. We focus on solving information overload problems, so you can expect limited results for many queries. However, we can help solve your eCommerce queries and return good quality brand results for multiple topics. We depend on the open internet, data science, AI, and above all continue learning so you can call us a niche search engine if you wish to!


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