Privacy Policy

By visiting the website (Hereafter may also be referred to as TSCentral, ‘the company’ or ‘our website’), you (hereafter may also be referred to as ‘the user’ or ‘website visitor’) agree to the privacy policy mentioned below.

As a product recommendation service, we strive to improve our user experience, and for that, we may often collect various information when a user visits various pages of the website. This includes the user’s browsing pattern, operating system, visiting time, pages visited, engagement, visitor paths. This information is often collected by our tracking service providers, such as We use this information to enhance further and improve our service. These tracking services follow all the possible international privacy protection laws. However, since we rely on them for data collection, we have a very limited scope of control for such data collection.

When you visit TSCentral, we automatically or with your permission collect the following information.

  1. Visitor tracking information as mentioned above.
  2. Information submitted by our users upon asking such as reviews, user account info, feedback and payment related information.
  3. Information that’s publicly available when a user visit’s certain pages.

The third-party companies often save cookies automatically when, as a visitor, you browse through our website.

How we use these data?

We use these data to analyse and improve the user experience on our website.

We DO NOT sell this information in a direct or indirect form directly to any third party data company.

To improve our product’s or topic’s index.

Merge available information with other data for various scopes.

When required by law, we may share the information to local or international authorities.

If you don’t agree with our privacy policy, we highly recommend you delete all the cookies, sessions, and related traces immediately and stop using the website. Since thousands or millions of users visit the website, we don’t have any direct control over the information we can control or manage.

According to various requirements, we may time to time to change our privacy policy. You, when visiting our website, also agree to any terms mentioned on this page, terms page and any future inclusion or exclusion of changes.

Last Updated: 01/03/2021