Top 30 External Ssd Brands in 2024

The most popular brands for External Ssd Includes Samsung, Seagate, ADATA, Kingston, Intenso, Netac, Western Digital, Crucial, Sabrent, Verbatim among many others.



Popular Brand

The famous Korean electronics producer, Samsung, started its journey as a grocery trading store in 1938. Lee Byung-Chull began the business by trading domestically-produced goods and exporting them to China. Soon, the company expanded to include textiles and heavily focused on industrialization. In the 1970s, it invested in petrochemical and similar industries and slowly stepped into the electronics industry. The 80s saw an explosion in its technology business; the rest is history.



Popular Brand

Seagate is a brand that lives by the words of the company slogan. Integrity, Innovation, Inclusion is the three principles that they live by. It is important to note that the brand is dedicated to its work because of its deep understanding of its workings. They aspire to be the best of the best and work for it. The curated group of employees is passionate about their job. They believe in making a difference and aim to make one as a group.



Popular Brand

ADATA Technology is a forward-thinking storage solution supplier. They are committed to offering the most dependable, more excellent, and environmentally responsible goods while maintaining the most outstanding level of customer service. For over ten years, the firm has been committed to providing the best technology to consumers worldwide. It collaborates closely with its clients to understand their demands and create customized solutions that meet their specifications.



Best Brand

1987 saw two engineer friends, David Sun and John Tu, design a unique type of memory module in the face of a memory chip shortage. This module later went on to revolutionize the entire industry. Soon, the pair founded Kingston, which rapidly grew into a technology powerhouse. Today, the brand leads the memory and storage solution sector by catering to the top cloud providers, data centers, and PC manufacturers.



Best Brand

Intenso makes products for everyday life. Founded in 1998, they have become a leading storage media company. The products that they produce can help you with your daily life. Intenso is focused on modern-day needs, and they adapt to the changing demands of the consumers. The products are good in quality and serve the purpose for which it is made. You can find wireless chargers, power banks, and USB drives in addition to the traditional storage devices.



Best Brand

Netac helps the world experience digital life by offering a diverse range of innovative, application-specific devices and solutions that improve their clients' data storage experiences. It creates, manufactures, sells, and supports USB flash drives, card readers, SSDs, memory cards, USB cables, and other related devices. It offers a variety of cloud-based products and solutions for data storage, access control, and administration. The firm provides the most comprehensive USB flash drive and mobile accessory items.


Western Digital

Best Brand

Western Digital is a prominent provider of data storage with brands, knowledge, and advanced technology that enable people to share and archive moments from their lives in previously impractical ways. They sell their goods to consumers in more than 160 countries through the HGST, SanDisk, G-Technology, and WD brands. The business has a lengthy history in the computing sector and has clients and assets worldwide. A leading global provider of storage solutions, Western Digital develops groundbreaking storage products that let users create, share, and protect their priceless digital assets.



Best Brand

At Crucial, they believe that the items you buy should perform as well as they were intended. That is why...



Sabrent designs and produces various products that help make life easier. The Sabrent product line includes a full range of...



Verbatim has been leading the data storage technology industry since its founding in 1969. From Floppy Disks to USB Drives,...



PNY is a pioneer in global technology committed to producing premium-quality electronics for both consumers and businesses. Because of its...



Seagate Technology plc's premium brand is LaCie. They maintain in-house research centers, product-line production, and technical support to understand better...



Partnered with Kingdisk Century Technologies, KingDian resells and distributes SSDs (Solid State Drive). They offer an abundant amount of models,...



Transcend is a world leader in the production of storage, multimedia, and industrial solutions. Its award-winning products are known for...



Orico is a leading consumer electronics manufacturer primarily dealing with USB storage and charging products. Their solutions can be used...


Oyen Digital

Don't let insufficient storage get in the way of your activities with storage devices from Oyen Digital. They create innovative...



Integral is Japan's largest independent memory solution provider. They specialize in DRAM, Flash Memory, and other information technology goods. Their...



Blankets are a commodity used by almost everyone, and they need to be a source of comfort to whoever is...





Solid State Drives or SSDs help to boot the laptop quickly. KingSpec is one of the leading manufacturers of hardware...



Sonnics thrives on diversity's power and promise. They feel that reflecting the variety of their consumers and communities from inside...



Hyundai IT, best known for its LCD monitors, is a Korean company that proudly calls itself the display specialist. Businesses...



DataLocker is a leading company that provides hard drives and storage. What sets them apart from the other companies in...



iStorage offers the most secure and user-friendly data storage solutions available. They have a selection of laptops and USB flash...



Gigastone is one of the leading SD card brands and has been effectively helping in expanding storage in devices. USB...



Glyph helps you tackle the storage problem in your electronics by offering state-of-the-art products that can go anywhere with you....



KKMOON is a leading manufacturer of hi-tech home security systems and wifi cameras like security cameras and USB endoscopes. They...



Elecom is a renowned Japanese company selling a wide range of premium electronics. Their catalog includes various kitchen appliances and...



HyperX started in 2002 with the world of technology taking significant steps. Gaming was also becoming increasingly popular during that...



Keeping your data secure just became easier with Apricorn. It offers 256-bit hardware-based external storage products. These products are beneficial...

External SSD Buying Guide

Solid State Drives have been increasingly gaining popularity for good reasons. Users are interested in these high-speed storage alternatives for their desktop or laptop computers. Solid State Drives have no moving parts and are more durable making them an ideal solution for on-the-go computing. Moreover, for consoles, a Solid State Drive is a godsend as games load much faster which can take a considerable amount of time in traditional hard drives.

In this guide, we will take a closer look at various essential components to consider when you are in the market for an external Solid State Drive.

Storage Capacity

The first and obvious factor to consider when buying any storage device is the storage capacity you require. SSDs come in different storage sizes ranging from 128GB all the way up to 4TB. Therefore, the storage capacity you choose depends on your requirements. For example, individuals storing media like videos, photos, music, require a larger storage capacity. Likewise, professionals in video production, music streaming prefer large storage capacity while gamers prefer medium.

Transfer Speed

The transfer speed of an external solid-state drive is one of its biggest advantages over traditional hard drives. A fast transfer speed translates to shorter wait times for files to be copied, loaded, and opened. The transfer speed is measured in MBps (megabytes per second). The standard transfer speed for an external SSD is between 400MBps to 540MBps. However, a faster transfer speed drive will cost you more money.


The drive’s interface is the connector that attaches the drive to the computer. The interface can determine the maximum possible data transfer speed or the fastest speed the data can move back, and forth between the drive and computer. Currently, there are three types of interfaces for external SSDs; USB 3.0, USB 3.1, and Thunderbolt 3.

USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 is the latest interface that SSD manufacturers use for their drives. The Thunderbolt interface has the fastest data transfer speed, capable of breaching the 2GBps limit; however, it is more expensive.

Form Factor

SSDs come in two form factors, the 2.5-inch size, and the M.2 size. The 2.5-inch drives are more affordable and offer more storage capacity, while M.2 drives are more expensive and offer less storage capacity. M.2 drives are smaller and are ideal for laptops while 2.5-inch drives can fit in desktop computers, gaming consoles, and servers.

Encryption and Security

Encryption and security features are essential considerations when buying an SSD. Various models offer hardware and software encryption features to prevent unauthorized access or exposure to confidential data. Hardware encryption prevents others from gaining access to your files, even if your drive falls into the wrong hands. The encryption level should be 256-bit, which is the maximum for most SSDs.


Durability is another important aspect to consider when buying a Solid State Drive. The durability of a Solid State Drive determines its overall life span. SSD durability is measured by several factors such as temperature tolerance, shock resistance, vibration resistance, and static resistance. A good Solid State Drive is rated at 1500G for shock resistance and 20G for vibration resistance.

Brand Reputation

The reputation of the brand should be another consideration when you want to buy an SSD. An established brand that focuses on solid-state drives will likely produce an excellent product compared to the competition. Established brands have spent time and resources to create trust with their customers and long-term business relationships.


There are several things to consider when shopping for an external Solid State Drive. While transfer speed, durability, and storage capacity may be the most important factors to consider, it’s also essential to consider the brand reputation and security features.

Nevertheless, you must also consider the price of each drive. The higher-end models may have a larger storage capacity and better transfer speeds, while the more affordable models may have more basic features to meet your requirements. Overall take the time to research and consider each factor to find the external Solid State Drive that will best fit your requirements.


The price of an external Solid State Drive is something to consider as it can significantly vary depending on the specifications you need. You will find that the price range for SSDs is vast. However, the cost per GB, is lower than with traditional hard drives. When choosing an SSD, you must consider how much you are willing to spend and find a product that balances cost, performance, capacity, and other features.


It is essential to ensure that the external Solid State Drive you purchase is compatible with your device. Not all external SSDs are compatible with all devices. Before making a purchase, be sure to check whether the SSD is compatible with your device's hardware or operating system. Check for the necessary drivers, connectors, and ports that you will need to connect the external drive to your device.


Another crucial factor to consider when purchasing an external Solid State Drive is the warranty offered by the manufacturer. The warranty assures you that if the product malfunctions or fails prematurely, the manufacturer will repair or replace it. The warranty period can vary from one manufacturer to another, with some manufacturers offering a warranty of one year, while others offer a warranty of five years or more.

Brand Loyalty

When purchasing a solid-state drive, many individuals have brand loyalty towards certain companies. It isn't wrong for a buyer to trust a company that produces excellent products consistently, but it’s important to consider other brands before making a purchase. Read online reviews and check what customers have to say about the product before making a decision.

Enclosure Quality

The quality of the enclosure is also an essential factor to consider when purchasing an external Solid State Drive. The enclosure is what holds the drive and protects it from damage, dust, and dirt. Most of the time, you might not see the enclosure, but it plays a significant role in protecting your drive from impacts that can disrupt your data reading and writing. Check for the quality of the enclosure, the protective measures provided, and the material of the enclosure.


The design of an external Solid State Drive is a personal preference. The design usually doesn't have a significant impact on the drive's performance, but it's still worth considering, especially if you will carry it around. The design can range from sleek and modern designs to rugged and rugged designs that can withstand rough handling. Choose a design that best suits your needs and preferences.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing an external Solid State Drive can be a daunting task, but with the right research and considerations, you can find the best product that will meet your storage needs. Remember that the most crucial factors to consider when purchasing an SSD are storage capacity, transfer speed, interface, durability, security, brand reputation, price, warranty, compatibility, enclosure quality, and design. By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision and purchase the best external Solid State Drive that will meet your storage requirements.

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