Bosca brings you the most amazing leather-bound bags, wallets, and gifts. Browse through various bags that define your style and comfort wherever you go, wherever you are with Bosco. Established in 1911, Bosco has been catering to your storage, superior quality, and style needs for more than a century and aims to do the same for a long time.

Top Bosca Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Bosca Includes Pelgio, Marshal, Buxton, LODIS, Osgoode Marley, WalletBe, Visconti, Golunski, Prime Hide, Hidesign among many others.



Popular Brand

Pelgio was born in 1995 as a manufacturer of leather products. They gradually started selling a wide range of exotic...



Popular Brand

Marshal is a sleek and minimalist company that provides more excellent items at reasonable prices. They developed their brand on...



Popular Brand

Buxton is a town in Maine, USA, situated in York county. Well-connected and with roots running back to 1772, Buxton...



Best Brand

There is nothing better than self-confidence, and what gives you confidence? That's right, luxurious and premium accessories on your body....


Osgoode Marley

Best Brand

Want to look sharp yet chic with the perfect bag for your office or first date? Osgoode Marley will help...



Best Brand

Wallets are one of the best gifts that suit almost every occasion. And Wallet Bee has all the options that...



Best Brand

Visconti is a well-known leather goods and accessories brand. Their leather selection includes everything from briefcases to wallets. They combine...



Best Brand

Golunski Leather Goods are created by hand with all raw materials utilizing traditional processes. Fittings, for example, were ethically obtained...


Prime Hide

At Primehide Leather, they exclusively deal with the greatest quality leather accessories, offering you access to exquisite items at competitive...



In 1978, Dilip Kapur founded Hidesign as a leisure activity. With no plan insight and a Ph.D. in worldwide legislative...


Gianni Conti

With Gianni Conti, you will find luxurious bags and purses with sophisticated designs. To make their handbags, they use the...


Mala Leather

Mala Leather Limited is a top-notch prime brand of leather products. It includes an exotic range of gorgeous collections of...


Jack Georges

Jack Georges Inc. was founded by Jack Georges in 1987 with a small number of talented craftsmen specializing in the...



Products ranging from tote bags, backpacks, and wallets to briefcases, travel bags, and belts, bostanten provides user-friendly, efficient, and stylish...


Lewis N. Clark

Lewis N. Clark is a company of travel and expedition luggage that is founded on years of experience in outdoor...

Frequently Asked Questions

What are several related companies like "Bosca"?

Some leading related brands to "Bosca" are "Pelgio, LODIS, Prime Hide, Gianni Conti and BOSTANTEN in random order.

Are Buxton and Visconti similar to companies like "Bosca"?

Surely! Bosca is related to Buxton and Visconti. The three are known Full Grain Leather Wallet brands.

For What Reason is 'Bosca' more popular compared to similar companies like Hidesign, Mala Leather and Jack Georges?

Since 'Bosca' is the highly sought after brand online between all of the mentioned brands. Besides, it is added among close to 4 different categories such as Full Grain Leather Wallet, Merlot Wine and Address Books here on our website.

Between "Bosca", "Buxton" and "Visconti" Which one is the well known "Wallets" company?

Buxton is very established amidst mentioned brands mainly due to its total search popularity on the Internet. The brand is also listed on nearly 4 similar brand lists here on Brandlists.

Why Is "Bosca" a well known "Wallets" brand?

Bosca is published as a well known Wallets company on our site. It is estimated that 27K people search about the company online within a month.

Where is Bosca from? How big the company is?

The Bosca is Springfield, Ohio, United States based firm established in 1911. The 111 old Textiles brand having estimated 10 to 51 staff today working for them.