Breitling is a well-known Swiss watchmaker with a long history of innovation, reliability, and sheer elegance. Breitling was founded in 1884 and manufactured its first clock in 1914. Since then, the company has continued to develop. Breitling is obsessed with quality, which results in exquisitely constructed and precise timepieces. Breitling provides the appropriate watch for you and any event, whether you are a pilot or an amateur enthusiast.

Top Breitling Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Breitling Includes Audemars Piguet, Mido, Oris, Blancpain, TUDOR, Patek Philippe, Franck Muller, IWC, Frédérique Constant, Ulysse Nardin among many others.


Audemars Piguet

Popular Brand

Emerged from a high-end Swiss watchmaking center, Audemars Piguet uses the raw nature of the region and its vibrant views...



Popular Brand

Mido was founded in 1918 by skilled Swiss watchmaker Mr. Georges Schaeren with a vision to bring the subtle and...



Popular Brand

Oris is one of the world's most prominent luxury watch brands. Since its founding in 1904, it has been linked...



Best Brand

Get your collection upgraded with Blancpain, where the intense display of watches provides the most classic collection pairs on two...



Best Brand

Watches symbolize promptitude, and they are also a timeless piece of fashion. Tudor Watches offers a premium range of watches...


Patek Philippe

Best Brand

Patek Phillipe is the last independent family-owned Genevan watchmaking company. Its fine artistry has only sharpened over the 183 years...


Franck Muller

Best Brand

Franck Muller's timepieces are some of the best and most intricate in the industry. Franck Muller and Vartan created the...



Best Brand

IWC is a luxury watch company dedicated to upholding its heritage of excellence for over 150 years. Its mechanical timepieces...


Frédérique Constant

Frédérique Constant is a watch exporting firm that produces high-quality watches for every occasion. The chronograph automatic is their best-selling...


Ulysse Nardin

Ulysse Nardin creates the most creative and trustworthy gadgets as a wristwatch manufacturer. The ocean race is a best-selling wireless...



With its philosophy, 'Be the first, be unique, be different.' Hublot is recognized for its premium quality watches. Hublot was...



Jacob & Co. jewelry is created with a focus on quality and elegance, utilizing only the best materials available. Mr....



Rado is a popular manufacturer of quality watches. The company was started in 1917 by two brothers who went by...



Each CORUM watch resulted from a never-ending pursuit of excellence and innovation by a single team united by a shared...

Frequently Asked Questions

Out of "Breitling", "Mido" and "Ulysse Nardin" Which one is the well known "Breitling Watch Bands" company?

Breitling is very established within mentioned brands mostly due to its overall search popularity on the web. The brand is also included on around 31 different brand lists here on Brandlists.

Why Is "Breitling" a renowend "Breitling Watch Bands" company?

Breitling is ranked as a well known Breitling Watch Bands brand on our website. Roughtly 450K buyers find about them on the web per month.

Are Blancpain and Corum comparable to companies like "Breitling"?

Obviously! Breitling is comparable to Blancpain and Corum. The three are famous Breitling Watch Bands brands.

What are several identical companies like "Breitling"?

Some of the best comparable brands to "Breitling" are "Oris, Blancpain, IWC, Ulysse Nardin and JACOB & Co. in random order.

Why is 'Breitling' more popular compared to other companies like Mido, JACOB & Co. and Corum?

Because 'Breitling' is the most sought after brand among internet buyers between all the mentioned brands. Furthermore, it is enlisted among nearly 31 similar categories such as Breitling Watch Bands, Watch Bands and Leather Watch Strap here on

What is the mean price for purchasing "Breitling" brand items?

"Breitling" is included in "Breitling Watch Bands", that has median pricing of $2162, with $3 to $11000 price range. Likewise the brand is also listed in "Watch Bands", that has median pricing of $14, with $5 to $58 price range.