Carling Technologies

Carling Technologies is the world's leading provider of power solutions. Their creative capabilities and leadership products give a comprehensive set of advanced dependable, cost-effective power and control solutions for the most demanding settings, from circuit protection to extensive voltage switching and sensing. Creating a distinct brand for your organization, product, or service is one of their strengths. They generate innovative and memorable concepts that linger in customers' minds in ways that no other type of advertising can. They provide customers with innovative, cost-effective, and dependable power conversion solutions.

Top Carling Technologies Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Carling Technologies Includes Grayhill, GC Electronics, IDEC, ITE, FPE, Killark, Eaton, Entrelec, Federal Pacific, Sprecher + Schuh among many others.



Popular Brand


Popular Brand

IDEC is a one-stop-shop to get solutions for all your industrial needs. Serving the customers for more than seventy-five years,...



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Qualtech is a team of experienced engineers who manufacture premium, helpful quality technical devices for different industries. From turnkey harmonic...



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FPE Automation is an award-winning distributor of premium-quality industrial components that has been serving the industry for over 50 years....



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Killark is a member of the Hubble Harsh & Hazardous group of companies. With over a century of operation, it...



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Eaton is a power management firm that aids in improving how its clients handle mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical power. They...



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Entrelac is a manufacturer of terminal blocks and wiring systems. They have been industry leaders for over five decades and...


Federal Pacific

Products manufactured by Federal Pacific assist various electricity supply services. With its headquarters in Virginia, USA, the company began in...


Sprecher + Schuh

Sprecher + Schuh is dedicated to offering excellent customer service, collaborating with customers to solve problems, and providing more outstanding...


Kraus & Naimer

Headquartered in Austria, Kraus & Naimer is a global cam switch manufacturing company established in 1907. The company has years...


Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is a worldwide energy management and automation company dedicated to making energy safer, more dependable, and efficient -...



The Schmersal group's development engineers are constantly developing new devices and systems for a wide range of application scenarios, all...


Carling Switch

Carling Technologies, with its base camp in Plainville, Connecticut, was laid out in 1920 and has gained notoriety for greatness...



For more than 60 years, EUCHNER safety services have protected wearers and users in all circumstances, meeting all legal safety...

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Carling Technologies from? How strong the company is?

The Carling Technologies is Plainville, CT, United States based firm launched in 1920. The 102 old Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing company having roughtly 1000 to 5000 employees as of today working with them.

Between "Carling Technologies", "GC Electronics" and "Eaton" Which one is the well sought after "Toggle Switch" company?

Eaton is the most sought after among mentioned brands generally due to its highest consumer awareness online. It is also listed on around 4 similar brand topics here on this website.

What are a few related companies like "Carling Technologies"?

Some good related brands to "Carling Technologies" are "Grayhill, IDEC, ITE, Killark and Schmersal in random order.

How is 'Carling Technologies' very popular compared to similar brands like ITE, Sprecher + Schuh and Schneider Electric?

Probably because 'Carling Technologies' is the highly sought after company among shoppers out of all the mentioned brands. On top of that, it is enlisted among nearly 4 different topics such as Toggle Switch, On Off Switch and On Off On Rocker Switch here on Brandlists.

What are few website similar to

Certain webpages related to for buying Toggle Switch products are,,, and

What is the average price for purchasing "Carling Technologies" brand items?

"Carling Technologies" is listed in "Toggle Switch", that has average costing of $9, with $1 to $26 price range. Likewise the brand is also listed in "On Off Switch", that has average costing of $9, with $3 to $24 price range.