Light reaches one in various forms and sources; sunlight is a natural source, whereas bulbs are an artificial source supplying brightness. Crompton lamps illuminate the darkness with their high-quality and high-performance span of light bulbs and light fittings. Creating a perfect ambiance in-home or at the office with a radiant range of LED lighting, fluorescent tubes, fitting, and fixtures of all lengths. The British brand provides a traditional solution for general, industrial, commercial, and street illumination.

Top Crompton Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Crompton Includes Kosnic, Status, TCP, EVEREADY, Venture Lighting, SATCO, Bulbrite, Radium, Plusrite, Damar among many others.



Popular Brand

Kosnic is your leading expert in designing and manufacturing LED lights. It believes in being responsible for the environment and...



Popular Brand

Status is a leading provider of the most fabulous caliber headphones with ground-breaking technological applications. Their headphones are built with...



Popular Brand

TCP is a brand that deals with lights. They have experience of over 20 years in this sector. TCP has...



Best Brand

EVEREADY attempts to provide you with the most fantastic lighting solutions, ranging from bulbs to tube lights. They offer you...


Venture Lighting

Best Brand

Every individual likes to decorate one's room with lights that bring positivity and happiness. It's no surprise that we may...



Best Brand

Satco is a significant supplier of lighting solutions in the commercial, residential, and industrial markets. They manufacture top-quality light bulbs...



Best Brand

Having a rich legacy of over 50 years, started by Andrew Choi, Bulbrite is a New York-based brand that manufactures...



Best Brand

Opting for the best performance while saving energy is something every person wants in their electricity usage. Radium has been...



Plusrite is a leading manufacturer of industrial lighting solutions and systems. Energy-saving and efficiency are the company’s ultimate aim and...





Osram is a company working towards optical solutions and endeavors to improve sensor and light technologies. It takes pride in...



This 2011 established company is the top-rated company in the lighting industry. They produce light bulbs that are the perfect...



Sunlite Bikes sells bicycle accessories and other related products like baskets and Parking racks at reasonable prices. Their bike gears...



Light & Shade Engine is a lighting industry classic, and they are delighted to be known for their wide variety...

Frequently Asked Questions

Between "Crompton", "SATCO" and "Damar" Which one is the well known "Light Bulbs" company?

Crompton is very established among mentioned companies generally due to its highest brand visibility online. Crompton also featured on close to 51 other brand topics here on Brandlists.

Why is 'Crompton' well known compared to similar companies like Status, Radium and Anyray?

Mainly because 'Crompton' is the highly seached brand among internet buyers between all four companies. Additionally, it is listed among approximately 51 identical topics such as Light Bulbs, Lamp Light Bulbs and Tube Light Bulbs here on Brandlists.

What are some similar companies like "Crompton"?

Some major equivalent brands to "Crompton" are "Kosnic, Status, Anyray, Foxanon and Sunlite in not any particular order.

Are TCP and Venture Lighting similar to brands like "Crompton"?

Yes! Crompton is related to TCP and Venture Lighting. The three are known Light Bulbs brands.

What are few sites alternative to

Few of the websites like to shop Light Bulbs products are,,, and

What is the "Crompton" brand known for?

Crompton is also reputed for "Light Bulbs, Lamp Light Bulbs, Tube Light Bulbs, E27 Light Bulb and Warm White Bulb" companies.