Danfoss started its roots in 1993. The founder of the company is Mads Clausen. They provide robust solutions to a lot of industries in the current era. They deal with energy-efficient technology and help the technological development of the growing sectors. Danfoss has grown and expanded its business in several different ways. They believe in creating a better climate for the home and the environment. The company has its foundations rooted in philanthropy and social responsibility.

Top Danfoss Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Danfoss Includes Salus, Drayton, Honeywell, Warmup, Johnson Controls, Inkbird, Uponor, Nuheat, tado°, Timeguard among many others.



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Everyone wants the best ventilation, heating, and cooling conditions for their homes and offices. Salus is one company that offers...



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Energy management operations call for only one name and that is Drayton. The brand is delivering impeccable quality heating control...



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Development is not a new term that was introduced recently but was in existence for a long period. The success...



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The warmup is a forward-thinking firm that creates, produces, and distributes sophisticated heating controllers for underfloor heating systems. The control...


Johnson Controls

Best Brand


Best Brand

INKBIRD is a sophisticated Internet of Things technological business that was launched in 2010. Since its establishment, INKBIRD has committed...



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Innovative plumbing solutions have been developed and distributed worldwide by Uponor. They provide a wide selection of equipment, ranging from...



Best Brand

In North America, Nuheat is a premium electric floor heating brand. In North America, nVent Nuheat is the leading brand...



Tado is a leading heating system manufacturing company selling smart thermostats for every home. Their thermostats take 31% less energy...



Timeguard has the modern products you need related to time, light, safety, and climate, taking it all a step ahead!...



Potterton has been a prominent brand at the forefront of commercial boiler manufacture and research for nearly a century. It...



Temperature is crucial whether you're at home or office. Heatmiser creates room thermostats that use advanced technology to provide the...



GreenBrook is a renowned UK-based manufacturer of electrical installation supplies and tools. They provide their clients with innovative, more incredible...



When your floors get your feet cold during the chilly winters, SunTouch has your back. SunTouch keeps industrial, domestic and...



Pollution is one of the most challenging issues that most people face. Polluted air can cause several severe diseases that...

Frequently Asked Questions

For What Reason is 'Danfoss' more reputed compared to similar companies like Salus, Johnson Controls and Inkbird?

Mainly because 'Danfoss' is the most inquisitive product manufacturer among internet buyers within all the mentioned brands. On top of that, it is ranked among nearly 19 different categories such as Thermostats, Hydraulics and Hydraulic Pumps here on our website.

Among "Danfoss", "Salus" and "Heatmiser" Which one is the well sought after "Water Heaters" brand?

Danfoss is very well known between mentioned brands primarily due to its highest web popularity online. It is also included on nearly 19 other brand lists here on our site.

What are various comparable companies like "Danfoss"?

Some of the best equivalent brands to "Danfoss" are "Johnson Controls, Uponor, tado°, Potterton and Heatmiser in arbitrary order.

What is the average price for purchasing "Danfoss" brand products?

"Danfoss" is listed in "Thermostats", that has average pricing of $77, with $15 to $244 price range. Correspondingly the brand is also categorized in "Hydraulics", the category has average pricing of $67, with $0 to $465 price range.

Is "Danfoss" a well known "Water Heaters" company?

Danfoss is ranked as the most popular Water Heaters company on this website. Estimated 165K consumers find about them on search engines every month.

What are some of the sites comparable to danfoss.com?

Few of the sites related to danfoss.com to shop Thermostats products are honeywell.com, nest.com, warmup.com, nest.com and draytoncontrols.co.uk