Dockers by Gerli

Starting in 1985 in Merzalben, a village in the middle of the Palatine Forest, Dockers have been selling shoes for almost 45 years. The specialty of Dockers is that the sole isn't just glued to the upper, rather the upper, sole, and base are all sewn together, making it much firmer than others. The brand's mission is to provide men, women, and kids with the most affordable, stylish, comfortable, fashionable, modern, and perfectly manufactured shoes.

Top Dockers by Gerli Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Dockers by Gerli Includes Bullboxer, Meindl, Jomos, LOWA, Ganter, British Knights, Alberto Guardiani, FRETZ MEN, Yellow Cab, Cetti among many others.



Popular Brand

Since 1980, Bullboxes has been in the manufacturing of the causal shoe business. What makes Bullboxer different is that it...



Popular Brand


Popular Brand

Jomos is a German shoe manufacturer with years of building trust in its customers. It maintains consistency in its comfortable,...



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LOWA has been making premium outdoor boots and shoes since 1923, combining excellent quality and fit via innovative design and...



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People who understand fashion always judge a person's style through his shoes. Ganter creates fashionable shoes that will surely impress...


British Knights

Best Brand

Bright Knight is a renounced shoe brand initially from New York City that provides the best editions to its customers....


Alberto Guardiani

Best Brand

You can never have too many sneakers or shoes. With Alberto Guardiani, you can add the most sporty, classic, aesthetic,...



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Most men in the whole world invest more in footwear than in clothes or other accessories. Hence, Fretz Men manufactures...


Yellow Cab

One of the many inventions that early humans successfully did was the invention of shoes. With advancements in technology, new...



Spread over in more than 14 countries, Cetti is a globally-recognized manufacturer of expensive footwear known for its elegant and...




Philippe Model

Philippe Model was established in 1978 in Paris with a test to the style foundation. The organization fabricates tennis shoes...



Boxfresh create urban streetwear for modern men. Designed in London, worn worldwide.



Independently run and maintained, Mustang Optical is a retail optical and eye care business. Complete eye examinations for contact lenses,...



If you have a passion for the mountains, Dolomite is your best choice. Dolomite is a famous brand that produces...

Frequently Asked Questions

Are British Knights and Boxfresh alternative to companies like "Dockers by Gerli"?

Generally yes! Dockers by Gerli is an alternative to British Knights and Boxfresh. All are leading Desert Boots Women brands.

What is the standard price for purchasing "Dockers by Gerli" brand products?

"Dockers by Gerli" is enlished in "Desert Boots Women", which has median costing of $85, with $40 to $199 price range. Similarly the brand is also categorized in "Girls' Chunkys", the category has mean pricing of $44, with $18 to $129 price range.

For Which Reason is 'Dockers by Gerli' well known compared to identical brands like LOWA, FRETZ MEN and Mustang?

Because 'Dockers by Gerli' is the highly sought after company on the Internet between all of the mentioned brands. Furthermore, it is added among approximately 4 similar categories such as Desert Boots Women, Girls' Chunkys and Girls' Black Boots here on

What are different sites related to

Few of the webpages identical to for shopping Desert Boots Women products are,,, and

Why Is "Dockers by Gerli" a well known "Shoes & Bags" company?

Dockers by Gerli is listed as a reputed Shoes & Bags company on our site. Estimated 27K shoppers search about the brand on Google every month.

Among "Dockers by Gerli", "Ganter" and "Cetti" Which one is the well sought after "Shoes & Bags" brand?

Ganter is very well known amidst mentioned brands generally due to its total search popularity on the web. It is also included on around 4 different brand categories here on our site.