Draper Tools

Draper Tools is a prominent hand tool company that is pleased to have served generations of people. They have a broad choice of excellent quality hand tools at competitive costs, whether you're a professional craftsman or a home handyman. They've all been created to provide the most comfortable working environment possible with the user in mind. Their hand tools have been ergonomically engineered by their specialized engineers, making them comfortable to use, easy to grip, and long-lasting.

Top Draper Tools Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Draper Tools Includes Stanley, Draper, Draper Expert, Teng Tools, Expert, Facom, Ega Master, KS Tools, Modelcraft, TOLSEN among many others.



Popular Brand

Stanley Tools have been used by professionals and experienced homeowners since 1843. Known for its innovation and quality, it has...



Popular Brand

Humans made tools to help them in works that were otherwise impossible to do. Tool making process dates back to...


Draper Expert

Popular Brand

Today’s world runs on technology, both mechanical and electrical; Draper Expert is a company that provides a wide range of...


Teng Tools

Best Brand

Teng Tools is an American company founded in 1985 by Henry Tengvall. It has been a leading supplier of tool...



Best Brand

All Facom, Expert by Facom, and Britool tools, storage, and tool kits are available at The Expert Tool Store, the...



Best Brand

Facom has set the standard for the market over the last 100 years. Facom has accumulated a lot of experience,...


Ega Master

Best Brand

Manufacturing high-quality hand tools, Egamaster brings you completely satisfactory, reliable, and quality-driven products. What makes its collection unique is that...


KS Tools

Best Brand

KS TOOLS has the most extensive selection of tools and workshop equipment. The corporation is a prominent international leading supplier...



Providing tools that are meaningful and useful for everyday purposes but often hard to find is the brand Model craft...



Elora is a brand providing practice-oriented tool solutions to its customers. Based in Germany, the brand has a large variety...


Footprint Tools

Footprint Tools is the only hand tool maker in the United Kingdom that develops, engineers, and produces all of its...


CK Tools

C.K is a tool manufacturer established in the United States that serves professionals in a variety of sectors. It has...



Hilka Tools is a family-run firm in the United Kingdom that takes an innovative approach to all elements of tooling...



Teng provides a comprehensive selection of professional tools for organizations of all kinds. They create products in close collaboration with...

Frequently Asked Questions

What are few website alternative to drapertools.com?

Few webpages similar to drapertools.com to purchase Side Cutters products are knipex.com, drapertools.com, kleintools.com, nws-tools.de and channellock.com

Where is Draper Tools from? How strong the company is?

The Draper Tools is Chandler's Ford, Hampshire, United Kingdom based firm incorporated in 1919. The 103 old Wholesale brand having roughtly 500 to 1000 employees today working for them.

What are a few related companies like "Draper Tools"?

Some leading related brands to "Draper Tools" are "KS Tools, Modelcraft, TOLSEN, Footprint Tools and CK Tools in arbitrary order.

Between "Draper Tools", "Expert" and "Footprint Tools" Which one is the most famous "Screwdrivers" brand?

Expert is the most sought after among mentioned brands mainly due to its overall web popularity online. It is also published on approximately 13 different brand topics here on Brandlists.com.

What is the standard cost for ordering "Draper Tools" brand items?

"Draper Tools" is published in "Water Pump Pliers", which has median costing of $37, with $12 to $197 price range. Likewise the brand is also listed in "Side Cutters", the category has median costing of $15, with $3 to $40 price range.

Are Ega Master and TOLSEN similar to brands like "Draper Tools"?

Certainly! Draper Tools is similar to Ega Master and TOLSEN. They are leading Side Cutters brands.