Dualit creates hardware goods with innovative technology, such as kitchen accessories, to make living easier. The traditional kettle, designed with engineering brilliance, is multi-patented and has a revolutionary replacement. Its primary characteristics are that it substantially minimizes undesired boiling noise, is a patented repairable element, and has a whisper boil mode. Other gadgets, such as a milk frother, are ideal for producing lattes, cappuccinos, hot chocolate, and other delicious beverages. Domus toasters are a top seller because of their remarkable quality.

Top Dualit Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Dualit Includes Russell Hobbs, Haden, BALMUDA, Breville, Redmond, iKich, Morphy Richards, SQ Professional, BOS & SARINO, Nikai among many others.


Russell Hobbs

Popular Brand

Russell Hobbs is a Floridan company that specializes in home appliances. Founded in 1947, it has made a name for...



Popular Brand

For a healthy home system, you need to find the best products that suit the health of your home. A...



Popular Brand

BERMUDA Design was founded by Gen Terao on his own. He handcrafted elements of steel and aluminum on a side...



Best Brand

Breville is a leading kitchen equipment and appliances manufacturing company making products that make your kitchen experience more enjoyable. They...



Best Brand

Kitchen appliances are looked at from certain angles, and the customer does not tolerate even a few mistakes. The quality...



Best Brand

Morphy Richards

Best Brand

Morphy Richards is a prominent manufacturer of functional and elegant home appliances that are easy to use and multipurpose. They...


SQ Professional

Best Brand

SQ Professional manufactures a wide selection of hardware goods, including an innovative assortment of kitchen and homeware. It makes people's...



Wholesalers of Australian Certified Household Goods & Electrical Appliances. Bos and Sarino have been manufacturing and distributing kitchen equipment for...



Nikai provides electronic appliances for everyday use. The company offers a variety of appliances in many categories, including lifestyle entertainment,...



Brentwood Appliances aspires to help you live a healthy lifestyle by preparing easy, wholesome, and nutritious meals in the comfort...



Each day has new stress, and the solution is a perfect cup of coffee. Not every person can make that...



The Kalorik toaster uses a unique feature and design to toast bread, Danish pastry, and bagels without flipping them over....



Tower Housewares is pleased to be the UK's number one brand for pressure cookers, cookware, and kitchen appliances. Since 1912,...



Zelmer is a manufacturer and distributor of household products of the highest quality. With its wide variety of products, it...

Frequently Asked Questions

For Which Reason is 'Dualit' well known compared to identical companies like iKich, Brentwood and Kalorik?

Because 'Dualit' is the highly seached company on the web out of all the mentioned companies. Also, it is featured among nearly 23 number of lists such as Toaster, Black Toaster and White Toaster here on our website.

Are Kalorik and Infapower similar to brands like "Dualit"?

Certainly! Dualit is comparable to Kalorik and Infapower. All are famous Toaster brands.

Is "Dualit" a well known "Toaster" brand?

Dualit is featured as a reputed Toaster company on our website. About 18K consumers search about the company on search engines every month.

Where is Dualit from? How strong the brand is?

The Dualit is Crawley , West Sussex, United Kingdom based company started in 1945. The 77 old Consumer Goods brand having roughtly 50 to 200 staff today working for them.

What are several website similar to dualit.com?

Few of the sites like dualit.com for buying Toaster products are russellhobbs.com, morphyrichards.co.uk, delonghi.com, breville.com and smeg.com

What is the "Dualit" brand also popular for?

Dualit is also known for "Toaster, Black Toaster, White Toaster, Chrome Toaster and Black Kettle" companies.