Eberhard is the perfect combination of quality, style, and innovation. Eberhard is a swiss manufacturer of decent quality watches which can make an impactful style statement to enhance your outlook. All the watches have detailed, innovative designs that represent heritage. Eberhard has been the leading watch brand from wrist to dual time watches since 1987. Combine the style and heritage in your fashion with Eberhard!

Top Eberhard Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Eberhard Includes Paul Picot, Eberhard & Co., Pryngeps, U-Boat, Lucien Piccard, RAYMOND WEIL, Technos, Frédérique Constant, Oris, Swiss Legend among many others.


Paul Picot

Popular Brand

Paul Picot is an excellent watchmaker who makes timepieces that can transcend the boundaries of time. The brand is reveling...


Eberhard & Co.

Popular Brand

Tick, tock, the clock, or in this case, the watch, strikes the dock. For centuries the Swiss have been known...



Popular Brand

If you're looking for accessories all about Italian style, Pryngeps watches are perfect for you. When it comes to luxury,...



Best Brand

Time is an entity that no one can say possess and use at their disposal. Yet it is one of...


Lucien Piccard

Best Brand

Blending modern with classic, with precision craftsmanship Lucien Piccard is a watchmaking company. Founded in 1923 in Switzerland, the brand...



Best Brand

The craze for watches is increasing day by day. Everyone wants to wear branded watches on their hand. They are...



Best Brand

Since its inception in 1900, Technos has committed its efforts to construct revolutionary wristwatches. Beloved by Brazilians and renowned across...


Frédérique Constant

Best Brand

Frédérique Constant is a watch exporting firm that produces high-quality watches for every occasion. The chronograph automatic is their best-selling...



Oris is one of the world's most prominent luxury watch brands. Since its founding in 1904, it has been linked...


Swiss Legend



Vetta is a global leader in the design and distribution of bicycle frames. Among the uses are racing, freight, and...


August Steiner

August Steiner is a renowned native Swiss brand devoted to laying down the basis of luxurious, accurate, attractive, and precise...



Edox created high-end clocks that were works of art with unique designs and several pocket watches. This Swiss-made timepiece is...



Watches symbolize promptitude, and they are also a timeless piece of fashion. Tudor Watches offers a premium range of watches...


Sector No Limits

Sector No Limits is a renowned and trusted brand that is well known for its sports watches. Apart from sports...

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is "Eberhard" a renowend "Orologio" company?

Eberhard is published as a top Orologio brand on our website. Close to 27K people search about them on Google monthly.

What are various alternative companies like "Eberhard"?

Some major comparable brands to "Eberhard" are "Pryngeps, Technos, Edox, Swiss Legend and August Steiner in random order.

Where is Eberhard from? How large the company is?

The Eberhard is La Chaux-de-Fonds, Neuchatel, Switzerland based brand founded in 1887. The 135 old Luxury Goods & Jewelry brand has approx 10 to 51 employees as of today working with them.

Which are few website comparable to eberhard-co-watches.ch?

Few websites like eberhard-co-watches.ch to buy Titan Women Watches products are longines.com, beringtime.com, regent.bank, dugena.de and invictawatch.com

Are Technos and August Steiner similar to companies like "Eberhard"?

Mostly yes! Eberhard is an alternative to Technos and August Steiner. They are leading Titan Women Watches brands.