In Japanese, EIZO means "image." Since its inception in 1968, they have been developing and manufacturing unique aesthetic solutions to fulfill clients' particular demands in the business, creative industries, healthcare, air traffic control, marine, security & surveillance, and other sectors. While their customers are diverse, their purpose is to provide comprehensive imaging solutions that enhance people's professional lives. And they are always pushing themselves to create new technologies that address unmet customer demands.

Top EIZO Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to EIZO Includes iiyama, ViewSonic, Belinea, AOC, AG Neovo, BenQ, Gechic, Simpletek, LG Display, Eyoyo among many others.



Popular Brand

Mouse Computer Corporation's iiyama brand provides liquid crystal display (LCD) monitors and LED display panels. It was founded in 1982...



Popular Brand

ViewSonic works with visuals, and they aim to make the viewing experience better than the best. It has been enough...



Popular Brand

Belinea is a renowned display device producer. They manufacture monitors for millions of individuals all around the world. Their business...



Best Brand

AOC is the largest and fastest-growing monitor brand in the world. AOC provides display solutions for various applications, including design,...


AG Neovo

Best Brand

AG Neovo is a manufacturer of monitors and displays. Its products are made specifically for professional purposes such as medical...



Best Brand

BenQ stands for bringing enjoyment N quality to life. The motto of the company is something that they live by....



Best Brand

GeChic is a professional manufacturer specializing in portable monitor research, development, and production. Its monitors are mobile, allowing users can...



Best Brand

If you are looking forward to purchasing a mobile phone or a laptop, Simpletek might be of help. An Italian...


LG Display

LG Display is the world's top display technology inventor. The firm makes and sells display panels for smartphones, tablets, notebook...



Eyoyo is a company supplying electronic products like monitors, pipeline cameras, etc., and specializes in R&D. The company is also...


NEC Display Solutions

Your challenge is to discover the planet as it reinvents itself. There are several new methods to work—further thoughts to...



Edge10group is the world leader in Athlete data Management systems. Their records are designed so that it feels like practitioners...



Hannspree is a well-known consumer electronics manufacturer known for specializing in visual technology. They are a part of a larger...



In the industry of high-resolution display products, the Taiwanese brand Innolux is a leading name because of its years of...



Yashi is a diversified technology brand that creates world-class, high-quality devices ranging from monitors to cars. We work with our...

Frequently Asked Questions

Are iiyama and Innolux alternative to brands like "EIZO"?

Mostly yes! EIZO is identical to iiyama and Innolux. The three are known Monitor Ips brands.

Where is EIZO from? How large the brand is?

The EIZO is Cypress, CA, United States based brand launched in 1985. The 37 old Computer Hardware company having nearly 1000 to 5000 staff today working for them.

For What Reason is 'EIZO' very popular compared to similar brands like iiyama, LG Display and Simpletek?

The Reason is 'EIZO' is the most inquisitive product manufacturer on the Internet between all the mentioned companies. Further, it is listed among close to 4 similar lists such as Monitor Ips, White Monitor and Wide Monitor here on our database.

What are several website related to eizo.com?

Certain sites like eizo.com to shop Monitor Ips products are lg.com, dell.com, hpl.hp.com, asus.com and acer.com

What are some similar brands like "EIZO"?

Some top similar brands to "EIZO" are "BenQ, AG Neovo, Gechic, Eyoyo and Yashi in not any particular order.

Between "EIZO", "Belinea" and "Hannspree" Which one is the well sought after "Monitore" brand?

EIZO is very well known between mentioned companies primarily due to its total search popularity online. EIZO also featured on approximately 4 different brand categories here on Brandlists.