Figures Toy Company

Figures Toys company is a distinctive manufacturer of classic retro action figures such as Batman, Tarzan and Jane, Kiss action figures, and many more. The website also includes a special corner for the purchase of gift certificates, old departed products, accessories, D.C. comics, etc. The store is the best place for the lover of collectable toys and action figures and the children or the people of all age groups fascinated by the character manikins.

Top Figures Toy Company Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Figures Toy Company Includes NJ Croce, Bif Bang Pow, Mezco, Mego, JAKKS Pacific, Jazwares, Iron Studios, HEROCROSS, ToyBiz, Eaglemoss among many others.


NJ Croce

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Want to feel like a kid again? Then hop onto NJ Croce’s online store for some premium quality toys, apparel,...


Bif Bang Pow

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Bif Bang Pow!TM creates high-quality items based on well-known licenses, including TWIN PEAKS®, Marvel, DC comics, KISS®, Penny Dreadful, Mike...



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Mezco is a marketplace where collectors may buy, sell, and display their favorite belongings. It has developed into a trustworthy...



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Mego has always been dedicated to developing top-notch toys in quality and pleasure and has been entertaining children for many...


JAKKS Pacific

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JAKKS Pacific is the world's largest manufacturer and marketer of licensed plush, action figures, and collectibles, as well as the...



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Jazwares, Inc. is a toy company that creates, manufactures, sells, and licenses a wide variety of toys and accessories for...


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Iron Studios is a geek brand that creates, manufactures, and sells best-quality memorabilia to enthusiasts worldwide. Enthusiastic people develop their...



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HEROCROSS is a unique block-based toy platform with a global alliance created by the world's leading design and R&D teams....



A modest toy business called Toybiz was founded in 1994. But in just two years, it expanded to rank among...



Eaglemoss is the most well-known and well-respected online retailer of licensed memorabilia. There's something for everyone among our almost 2,000...



Toynami is the leading manufacturer of collector toys, sculptures, and prop reproductions. In addition, they are a leading creator and...


Jada Toys

Jada Toys is a global toy company dedicated to developing safe, inventive, and more fantastic toys that inspire children. Jada...



A child’s imagination and love for toys are immeasurable and cannot be settled by just. So, Squinkies has come up...



Teenagers have the temper for an intense collection of cards, phone charms, and keyrings. All these are easily accessible in...


Gentle Giant

Gentle Giant Ltd. is an international toy and collectibles company founded in 1977 by current CEO & President John Standley....

Frequently Asked Questions

Out of "Figures Toy Company", "HEROCROSS" and "Eaglemoss" Which one is the most famous "Action Figures" brand?

Eaglemoss is the most sought after amidst mentioned brands generally due to its overall brand visibility on the Internet. It is also included on approximately 6 similar brand categories here on this website.

For What Reason is 'Figures Toy Company' more famous compared to other brands like Bif Bang Pow, Jazwares and Squinkies?

Since 'Figures Toy Company' is the highly sought after product manufacturer online between all the mentioned companies. Besides, it is covered among nearly 6 different lists such as Wrestling Action Figures, Batman Toys and Aew Action Figures here on Brandlists.

What is the mean price for buying "Figures Toy Company" brand products?

"Figures Toy Company" is published in "Wrestling Action Figures", which has median costing of $23, with $12 to $74 price range. Correspondingly the brand is also categorized in "Batman Toys", that has mean pricing of $25, with $9 to $125 price range.

Are Bif Bang Pow and Squinkies identical to brands like "Figures Toy Company"?

Mostly yes! Figures Toy Company is comparable to Bif Bang Pow and Squinkies. These are popular Wrestling Action Figures brands.

Why Is "Figures Toy Company" a reputed "Action Figures" company?

Figures Toy Company is ranked as a reputed Action Figures brand on this website. Close to 3.6K consumers search about the brand online monthly.

Which are few sites related to

Several webpages similar to to purchase Wrestling Action Figures products are,,, and