Forme is a Derbyshire-based British bicycle company. They aspire to be the most famous bicycle brand in the UK and are well on their way. Cycling should be pleasurable and attainable for all, not just a privileged few, they believe. And it's for this reason, they have built a product line that's both simple to use and economical without sacrificing quality. They are passionate about providing wonderfully made motorcycles at an accessible price with exceptional attention to detail.

Top Forme Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Forme Includes Ridgeback, Frog Bikes, Boardman, Ribble, Islabikes, Lapierre, JAMIS, Dawes, Claud Butler, Batavus among many others.



Popular Brand

Do you ever fantasize about getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life and hitting the open road...


Frog Bikes

Popular Brand

Frog Bikes aims to be your child's first bicycle buddy. The company offers smartly designed bicycles that help kids learn...



Popular Brand

First bike of Boardman was launched in July 2007; the company has never looked back. Boardman's bikes have contributed to...



Best Brand

Cycling is one of the best physical activities one can do; it does wonders for our body's cardiovascular system and...



Best Brand

Isla Bikes designs and manufactures bicycles for people of all age groups. They have everything from your first balance first-pedal...



Best Brand

Lapierre has been combining technological advancement and expertise in the most significant races to deliver the most attractive and efficient...



Best Brand

The increasing awareness of green issues has increased the demand for bicycles. People who have not ridden one since their...



Best Brand

Dawescycles is an English brand of cycles manufactured by Tandem group cycles. Founded in 1926, they are the makers of...


Claud Butler

Claud Butler has served mountain biking enthusiasts for over a hundred years. Claud Butler knows the value of your money...



Batavus is the hub for bike specialists in the Netherlands. They produce all sorts of bikes, including the up-and-coming e-bikes....


Wilier Triestina

Buying a bicycle is not a piece of cake, and if one is looking for an experienced brand producing bikes...



Whether you’re looking to buy a bike to commute to and fro from work or to spend a day cycling...



Orbea, the world's largest manufacturer of bicycles and bicycling gears, excels in constructing high-power e-bikes with supersonic forks. Orbea designs...



With over 500 models, BBF bike provides you with a range of bicycles, rental and industrial bicycles, bicycle parts, BBF...



Proclaiming heritage, attitude, and passion, Bergamont is an establishment that creates a space for innovations, imagination, and improvisation. Supplying a...

Frequently Asked Questions

What are a few identical brands like "Forme"?

Some top similar brands to "Forme" are "Ridgeback, Frog Bikes, Lapierre, Claud Butler and Orbea in arbitrary order.

What is the mean price for ordering "Forme" brand items?

"Forme" is included in "Bosch Electric Bike", which has average pricing of $292, with $2 to $3000 price range. Similarly the brand is also featured in "Men's Electric Bike", the category has average costing of $41, with $9 to $348 price range.

Which are few website similar to

Few of the websites like for buying Bosch Electric Bike products are,,, and

Why Is "Forme" an admired "Bikes" brand?

Forme is featured as a well known Bikes brand on Nearly 50K people explore about them on search engines within a month.

Are Ribble and Claud Butler related to companies like "Forme"?

Yes! Forme is similar to Ribble and Claud Butler. The three are popular Bosch Electric Bike brands.