Hakko offers premium quality products for soldering electronic devices. The company specializes in manufacturing equipment and tools for PCB repair and other applications electronic components. Hakko provides the customer with durable and precision items, from DIY Soldering kits to Desoldering products. The company also provides essential information, blogs, and how-tos for soldering and other electronic's manufacturing processes. Hakko is dedicated to giving three-sixty-degree customer support to carry on its seventy-year legacy forward with pride.

Top HAKKO Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to HAKKO Includes Weller, YIHUA, NEWACALOX, BernzOmatic, Portasol, JBC, Power Probe, goot, Kester, Aven among many others.



Popular Brand

Weller established its roots after the Second World War in 1945. The company changes the way of hand soldering. Hand...



Popular Brand

YIHUA provides a complete series of lead-free desoldering tools that offer an LCD touch screen glass separator with both adjustable...



Popular Brand

Most people are doing DIY now in their homes. They are making their essential tools in their homes only. NEWACALOX...



Best Brand

Otto Bernz, an inventor and craftsman, founded BernzOmatic in Newark to sell furnaces, torches, and tools of plumbers. His passion...



Best Brand

Portasol is a one-stop solution for all gas-heated tools. It is mainly known for providing users with affordable products. Their...



Best Brand

Jbc tools manufacture and sells a vast collection of soldering and rework iron tools and accessories. It also provides over...


Power Probe

Best Brand


Best Brand

Headquartered in Hiroshima, Japan, Goot manufactures soldering tools and solutions. They support manufacturing processes using hand tools and robots, promoting...



In the markets for electronic assembly, components, and microelectronics, Kester is a primary global provider of assembly materials. Their offerings...



Aven is a brand dealing in various tools for optical inspection and precision assembly. It aims at providing a quality...



Oatey plumbing solutions are known for their inventive and long-lasting efficiency in both business and residential settings. Oatey is committed...



Zhongdi is the top manufacturer of electronic tools. Founded in 1994, it has constantly pushed the limits of the industry...



Stannol is solidly established in the industry as a classic manufacturer in the field of soldering technologies, and it seeks...



Every child learns while playing. Playing is as crucial as learning for all kids. The things they know at a...



Aoyue is a German manufacturer of quality soldering stations and accessories used in the electronics industry for electrical connections. The...

Frequently Asked Questions

What are various comparable companies like "HAKKO"?

Some good comparable brands to "HAKKO" are "Weller, NEWACALOX, JBC, Power Probe and Oatey in not any particular order.

For Which Reason is 'HAKKO' well known compared to similar brands like BernzOmatic, goot and Aven?

The Reason is 'HAKKO' is the highly seached brand online between all the mentioned companies. On top of that, it is added among close to 9 different lists such as Soldering Tips, Soldering Iron Station and Solder Iron here on Brandlists.

What is the "HAKKO" brand popular for?

HAKKO is famous for "Soldering Tips, Soldering Iron Station, Solder Iron, Solder Iron Tips and Soldering Wire" brands.

Why Is "HAKKO" a popular "Soldering Tips" company?

HAKKO is published as a well known Soldering Tips company on Brandlists.com. Estimated 15K buyers research about them on Google monthly.

What is the average price for buying "HAKKO" brand products?

"HAKKO" is categorized in "Soldering Tips", that has median pricing of $13, with $6 to $45 price range. Correspondingly the brand is also featured in "Soldering Iron Station", which has average costing of $87, with $6 to $322 price range.

Amid "HAKKO", "Portasol" and "ZHONGDI" Which one is the well sought after "Soldering Tips" company?

HAKKO is the most searched between mentioned companies mainly due to its total brand awareness online. It is also published on approximately 9 similar brand categories here on our database.