SK Hynix goes by the tagline 'We do technology' to showcase their values of tenacity and commitment, advanced technology, prosperity together, and their driving forces. They are leading technology, trusted partnership, and shared social values. The company started in 1983 in Korea, where its headquarters is situated. It's the 2nd largest market capital company in Korea. Further, it ranked 10th best Korean brand in 2021. It deals with chips like DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory), CMOS Image Sensors (CIS), Flash Memory Chips (NAND Chips), and SSD (Solid State Drives). They are trying to create a new future by leading the technology-driven IT-Ecosystem to make a better world through technological advancements.

Top Hynix Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Hynix Includes Nanya, Micron, SK hynix, Ramaxel, G. SKILL, Timetec, MiTAC, Infineon, A-Tech, Polywell among many others.



Popular Brand

Nanya Technology is a growing business. They are constantly on the go. Never stop inventing, continually developing. Always on the...



Popular Brand

Micron is the world's largest supplier of memory modules, solid-state storage, and server equipment. Their award-winning solutions serve various clients,...


SK hynix

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Best Brand


Best Brand

G.SKILL is the world's leading manufacturer of great performance memory and gaming peripherals, having established itself as a pioneer in-memory...



Best Brand

Founded in 2013, Timetec’s goal was to become a top manufacturer in the field of memory products. They provide world-class...



Best Brand

Mitac is a computational technology corporation providing technical computing services to the masses. It is a well-recognized and a named...



Best Brand

Semiconductors have been revolutionary for humans by filling the world with electronic appliances that make our lives easier. Infineon provides...



A-Tech Memory gets you your memory upgrades right at your fingertips. With most brands being featured under their label, A-Tech...



PolyWell Computers is one of the leading and largest grown manufacturers of custom configured systems and supremely performing computer products....



Hypertech is a speed equipment manufacturer producing computer-controlled vehicles since 1985. They have made some of the most complex machines...



Omega, Austria's largest owner-operated distributor, brings together all the leading brands and well-known producers under one roof on an area...



NEC Display is a leading brand of visual solutions and is among the big names in the industry. They offer...



Memories don't last forever, but they can be treasured to relive the moment anytime people want. Providing such memory devices...



The top OEMs worldwide believe in this brand. Netlist is a leading supplier of high-performance modular memory subsystems. Netlist specializes...

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Hypertec and Komputerbay alternative to companies like "Hynix"?

Yes! Hynix is related to Hypertec and Komputerbay. The three are known Hp Memory brands.

For Which Reason is 'Hynix' well known compared to identical brands like MiTAC, A-Tech and NEC?

Mainly because 'Hynix' is the highly seached product manufacturer among shoppers between all the mentioned companies. Furthermore, it is covered among approximately 8 number of lists such as Hp Memory, Computer Ram and Laptop Hp Ram here on Brandlists.

Is "Hynix" a popular "8Gb Ram" brand?

Hynix is featured as the most famous 8Gb Ram brand on this website. It is estimated that 15K buyers search about them on the web within a month.

What are several website alternative to news.skhynix.com?

Certain sites identical to news.skhynix.com to buy Hp Memory products are hpl.hp.com, samsung.com, toshiba.com, kingston.com and micron.com

Out of "Hynix", "G. SKILL" and "Infineon" Which one is the most recommended "8Gb Ram" company?

Infineon is the most searched between mentioned brands primarily due to its higher brand visibility online. The brand is also included on nearly 8 different brand lists here on Brandlists.

Where is Hynix from? How large the company is?

The Hynix is Icheon, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea based company begun their journey in 1983. The 39 old Semiconductors firm having about 10000 employees as of today working for them.