iHealth solutions are simple, allowing customers to precisely test, track, and share a wide range of health vitals. It provides healthcare products ranging from blood pressure and blood glucose monitors to body analysis scales, activity and sleep trackers, and pulse oximeters. You can access the Ihealth app that can be synced to your device, facilitating complete health monitoring, viewing, saving, and sharing. Get access to these super high-tech products and make your life easier.

Top iHealth Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to iHealth Includes Microlife, A&D Medical, ChoiceMMed, boso, Withings, Sanitas, Care Touch, MEDISANA, Vive Precision, QARDIO among many others.



Popular Brand

Microlife is a leading brand in the medical industry and manufactures premium quality medical equipment ensuring accurate diagnosis and treatments....


A&D Medical

Popular Brand

A&D Medical is a manufacturer of medical measurement equipment. The company offers various devices and services to help keep consumer...



Popular Brand


Best Brand

After the pandemic hit, it was difficult to make medical equipment available for home use, but it was very much...



Best Brand

Whether you want to lose weight or manage diabetes, our linked devices can help you stay on track and achieve...



Best Brand

Sanitas is a skincare company that believes that excellent skin health extends beyond topical solutions. It's a way of life,...


Care Touch

Best Brand

Care Touch has been manufacturing and supplying high-quality healthcare technology to reputable physicians, nurses, and other health-conscious customers for over...



Best Brand

MEDISANA provides innovative, outstanding goods for a stress-free, healthy lifestyle. They give everything you need to feel well in air...


Vive Precision

Vive Health caters to physiotherapy without the hassle associated with the rigorous procedures. The products spread across a broad spectrum...



Good health is the key to living a happy life. Are you busy because of your work and don't have...



Tanita's principal place of business since 1944 has been the fabrication of quality gauges. Tanita is a global leader in...



Ecomed offers well-designed products in the wellness and health segments, of massage, flexible heat, blood pressure and temperature control that...



Whether you are looking for the best weighing appliance or any medical tool, only trust A&D Instruments. They provide the...


Veridian Healthcare

Veridian Healthcare is a global diagnostic imaging firm dedicated to inventing and commercializing novel solutions that aid radiologists, cardiologists, and...



Kinetik believes in delivering health to your home. Its products help you keep your health in check and monitor if...

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mean price for ordering "iHealth" brand items?

"iHealth" is listed in "Blood Pressure Monitor Bluetooth", which has average pricing of $53, with $18 to $184 price range. Likewise the brand is also categorized in "Bp Monitors", the category has average costing of $8, with $3 to $137 price range.

Is "iHealth" an admired "Blood Pressure Monitor" company?

iHealth is ranked as the best Blood Pressure Monitor brand on Brandlists.com. Estimated 27K buyers research about the brand on search engines monthly.

What is the "iHealth" brand also known for?

iHealth is also reputed for "Blood Pressure Monitor Bluetooth, Bp Monitors, Automatic Blood Pressure Cuff, Blood Pressure Monitor Wrist and Withings Blood Pressure Monitor" brands.

Between "iHealth", "A&D Medical" and "Withings" Which one is the most admired "Blood Pressure Monitor" company?

Withings is very established between mentioned companies generally due to its overall search popularity online. They are also included on approximately 11 different brand topics here on this website.

Which are some of the sites similar to ihealthlabs.com?

Certain websites similar to ihealthlabs.com to shop Blood Pressure Monitor Bluetooth products are ia.omron.com, beurer.com, alivecor.com, medical.andonline.com and walgreens.com

Are Sanitas and Veridian Healthcare similar to brands like "iHealth"?

Mostly yes! iHealth is similar to Sanitas and Veridian Healthcare. The three are leading Blood Pressure Monitor Bluetooth brands.