Ingvar Kamprad was a Swedish countryside boy who decided to help his poverty-stricken family by selling matches, which were considered essential. When selling matches started falling short, he decided to switch gears. Nonetheless, Kamprad did not give up. His efforts bore fruit when he got a chance to start his business. Thus, IKEA was born, with Kamprad being the head as a mere teenager. Over time, the company went on to focus on furniture.

Top IKEA Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to IKEA Includes Umbra, Case, Cozy, Shabby Chic, Harlequin, Dunelm, west elm, Hobby Lobby, Fusion, Ashley Furniture among many others.



Popular Brand

When it comes to interior design, there is a lot to think about before actually doing the job, like the...



Popular Brand

Jeremy Lang noticed the damage that plastic caused to the oceans first-hand on vacation in Hawaii. The next few years...



Popular Brand

Cozy is an online and offline shop that sells valuable and entertaining items to retail and direct-to-consumer customers. In the...


Shabby Chic

Best Brand

We always try to make our home look the best. For this, we select everything delicate and unique. Shabby Chic...



Best Brand

Harlequin is the leading internet publisher of erotic novels. It publishes around 1,000 original stories each month and develops 3-6...



Best Brand

Dunelm is a UK-based brand with expertise in producing household furniture and décor pieces. Their catalog is one of the...


west elm

Best Brand

West Elm is a leading Home accessories company making décor and furniture to make your space look stylish and luxurious....


Hobby Lobby

Best Brand

Hobby Lobby is the ultimate store to get all the materials for your preferred hobbies. If you have an affinity...




Ashley Furniture

Ashley Furniture opened its space in 1970; for over 50 years, they have provided the best furniture to their customers....



Winter Honey Park is a US-based company that deals with the collections and sales of pure organic honey. Their raw...


Laura Ashley

Explore the realms of floral goodness at Laura Ashley! Home furnishing that irradiates soft vibes and fabric that wants you...


Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware is a top-of-the-line furniture company that creates fashionable and helpful furniture for homes and offices. Hand-selected leathers, woods,...


Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn, the subsidiary of Williams-Sonoma, is an American chain store focusing on home furnishing and e-commerce. For over seven...


Kikkerland Design

Kikkerland is a leading consumer goods and innovative products company that sells its unique designs of products. They have a...

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Hobby Lobby and Ashley Furniture related to brands like "IKEA"?

Mostly yes! IKEA is identical to Hobby Lobby and Ashley Furniture. They are popular Living Room brands.

Is "IKEA" a renowend "Ikea Furniture" brand?

IKEA is ranked as the most popular Ikea Furniture brand on our website. Nearly 56M buyers explore about the company on search engines within a month.

How is 'IKEA' more popular compared to identical companies like PARK, Laura Ashley and Restoration Hardware?

Because 'IKEA' is the most inquisitive company on the web within all of the mentioned companies. Besides, it is listed among more than 758 different categories such as Living Room, Book Case and Kitchen & Dining here on our website.

Which are few sites related to ikea.com?

Different sites like ikea.com for buying Living Room products are 3m.com, glade.com, colonialmills.com, elkgroupinternational.com and kichler.com

What is the mean cost for buying "IKEA" brand products?

"IKEA" is categorized in "Living Room", that has average pricing of $58, with $0.99 to $659 price range. Likewise the brand is also featured in "Book Case", that has mean pricing of $95, with $29 to $279 price range.

What is the "IKEA" brand famous for?

IKEA is also popular for "Living Room, Book Case, Kitchen & Dining, Book Case Furniture and Box Storage" brands.