Independent Trucks

Independent Truck Company is a skateboarding truck manufacturer in Santa Monica, California. The rounded cross symbol was selected by Independent Truck Company when it was formed. The Independent logo incorporated by the brand has always shown a passion for skateboarding. It is a firm that aims to and genuinely believes in skating's potential as a positive force in the world. The firm also sells skating equipment like skate shoes and Apparel, making it one of the most preferred places for skateboarding.

Top Independent Trucks Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Independent Trucks Includes Alien Workshop, Santa Cruz Skateboards, Powell Peralta, Birdhouse, Independent, Enjoi, The Hundreds, Anti Social Social Club, Kryptonics, BLUE 84 among many others.


Alien Workshop

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Skating is fun until the right choice of skates has been made. Alien Workshop is a brand that has come...


Santa Cruz Skateboards

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Santa Cruz designs and manufactures high-quality, creatively designed skateboards featuring different characters, series, and patterns and a range of designer...


Powell Peralta

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To get the most rad skateboards, come to Powell Peralta, the ultimate destination for the most fantastic designs that adorn...



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Birdhouse is a renounced brand that deals with creating and supplying skateboards in various designs and patterns. This brand came...



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Enoji is a skateboarding rand that manufactures clothing and skateboarding accessories. They have made their mark by creating satirical designs,...


The Hundreds

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Founded in 2003 by Ben Shennasafar and Bobby Kim, The Hundreds is a community-based brand focusing on streetwear that includes...


Anti Social Social Club

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Anti Social Social Club creates clothing from high-quality materials with hand-drawn graphics. The best-selling item is the glitch hoodie, which...



Krytonics is one of the leading brands dealing with skateboards, doing exceptionally well in the market. It is a US-based...



Fashion has expanded its wings to a large area where new and innovative ideas come to life. New designs and...



A favorite American brand of clothing, FUCT sells streetwear that includes shirts, pants, caps, and more. Established in 1990 in...


Lightning Bolt

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Creature presents high-quality surfing equipment. The company was one of the first to introduce urethane to create cords and leashes....



Spitfire is a UK based sunglasses manufacturer. The company is known for their well thoughtout eyewear product designs made from...


Port & Company

Port & Company is a clothing company that provides the most outstanding items. They design t-shirts, sweatshirts, and caps worn...

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Alien Workshop and Independent related to companies like "Independent Trucks"?

Generally yes! Independent Trucks is related to Alien Workshop and Independent. They are leading Skate Stickers brands.

Why Is "Independent Trucks" a renowend "Skateboard Trucks" company?

Independent Trucks is ranked as the best Skateboard Trucks company on Roughtly 40K people research about the company online monthly.

What is the standard price for buying "Independent Trucks" brand products?

"Independent Trucks" is listed in "Skate Stickers", that has average costing of $10, with $5 to $32 price range. Likewise the brand is also listed in "Skateboard Clothing", that has average pricing of $25, with $6 to $63 price range.

What are several related companies like "Independent Trucks"?

Some top similar brands to "Independent Trucks" are "Enjoi, Kryptonics, BLUE 84, Lightning Bolt and Spitfire in not any particular order.

How is 'Independent Trucks' more popular compared to identical companies like Alien Workshop, CREATURE and Diamond Supply Co.?

Probably because 'Independent Trucks' is the highly inquisitive company among shoppers out of all the mentioned brands. Over and above that, it is added among close to 4 similar lists such as Skate Stickers, Skateboard Clothing and Skateboard Trucks here on our database.

Out of "Independent Trucks", "Powell Peralta" and "Kryptonics" Which one is the most recommended "Skateboard Trucks" company?

Powell Peralta is the most searched amidst mentioned brands mainly due to its highest brand awareness on the Internet. The company is also listed on nearly 4 other brand lists here on this website.