Intima Hogar

Get the best of bedroom essentials at Intima. Home to the varieties of bedroom sheets, covers, mattresses, and more, Intima provides you the best comfort, style, and cozy feeling you deserve at your home. Made with the most delicate fabric that gives you the durability and top quality stands against time. Intima has been the provider for millions of homes and helped them create their dream bedroom.

Top Intima Hogar Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Intima Hogar Includes Vellux, Vianney, Shavel, DaDa Bedding Collection, Exclusivo Mezcla, Lavish Home, PAVILIA, Dahdoul, Tache Home Fashion, softan among many others.



Popular Brand

A little home design may transform your space and make it more aesthetically pleasant to visitors. One such website for...



Popular Brand

Vainney is an enterprise featuring the home decor world. The company produces comforters, blankets, bedsheets, throw pillows, and bedding sets...



Popular Brand

Shavel is a textile and linen company based in NYC, running since the 1950s. the brand is the go-to blanket,...


DaDa Bedding Collection

Best Brand

DaDa is one of the well-known brands for bedding needs. The company offers blankets, quilts, and other bedding accessories of...


Exclusivo Mezcla

Best Brand

Exclusivo Mezcla is mainly known for providing users warmth, comfort, softness, and coziness. Established in 2015, Exclusivo Mezcla is one...


Lavish Home

Best Brand

Lavish Home is your one-stop-shop for all things home decor. They have it all, from concept to fulfillment. Their interior...



Best Brand

Pavilia blankets and robes are soft, elegant, and comfy, making them ideal for cuddling at home and accentuating one's living...



Best Brand

Many items are required in a home that is newly constructed. From furniture to curtains and towels to plates, everything...


Tache Home Fashion

Established in 1996, Tache Home Fashion Corp is on a mission to provide customers with high-quality, unique design home decorating...



Founded in 2007, Softan is a bedding, blanket, and home d├ęcor manufacturing company. As for any company in the house...



PiccoCasa is a brand that specializes in providing you with the most luxurious of fabrics so that you can always...


Berkshire Blanket

Berkshire revive makes the most comfortable blankets and bedsheets that make you go zzz. Their goal is to create products...


Morgan Home

From sourcing to after-sales, Morgan is a comprehensive appliance service company that offers expert, tailored assistance and on-the-ground logistics. Delving...


Cosy House

Cozy House is in the business of helping people get the best sleep of their life at an affordable price...


Virah Bella

Frequently Asked Questions

What are several comparable brands like "Intima Hogar"?

Some major similar brands to "Intima Hogar" are "Exclusivo Mezcla, Lavish Home, Tache Home Fashion, softan and Cosy House in random order.

Amid "Intima Hogar", "Exclusivo Mezcla" and "PiccoCasa" Which one is the most famous "Comforter Sets" brand?

Intima Hogar is the most researched between mentioned companies generally due to its total brand visibility on the web. The brand is also published on approximately 6 similar brand categories here on Brandlists.

Is "Intima Hogar" an admired "Comforter Sets" company?

Intima Hogar is ranked as a renowend Comforter Sets company on Brandlists. About 15K consumers find about the brand online per month.

What is the "Intima Hogar" brand known for?

Intima Hogar is popular for "Flannel Blanket, Thick Blanket, Giant Blanket, Light Blanket and Teen Boy Bedding" brands.

What is the mean cost for purchasing "Intima Hogar" brand items?

"Intima Hogar" is categorized in "Flannel Blanket", that has median pricing of $25, with $7 to $59 price range. Correspondingly the brand is also categorized in "Giant Blanket", the category has mean pricing of $48, with $14 to $149 price range.

How is 'Intima Hogar' more popular compared to similar companies like DaDa Bedding Collection, Dahdoul and Berkshire Blanket?

Mainly because 'Intima Hogar' is the highly inquisitive brand on the Internet out of all four brands. Morever, it is included among close to 6 number of categories such as Flannel Blanket, Thick Blanket and Giant Blanket here on