Kao Corporation is a chemical and cosmetics company. It manufactures and distributes personal care products like deodorants, antiperspirants, and skin moisturizers. They aim to provide you with the most innovative and compelling products available today. Kao is a family-owned and managed chemical and cosmetics company. Their commitment to innovation has delivered more than 150 new products and significant growth in end market share. They are dedicated to helping customers realize value through performance and stability.

Top Kao Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Kao Includes Mandom, Bigen, JOHN FRIEDA, Biotique, Pond's, Sta-Sof-Fro, Himalaya, Garnier, Cerave, NIVEA among many others.



Popular Brand

Mandom is a Japanese company manufacturing cosmetics and perfumes for men and women, thus celebrating coexistence. Get absolute skincare products...



Popular Brand

Bigen takes pride in being the hair color of the future. They are a family-owned business dedicated to creating products...



Popular Brand

The company JOHN FRIEDA sells the best quality hair care products and is dedicated to giving its clients the most...



Best Brand

Biotique products are inspired by Ayurvedic knowledge, a 5,000-year-old holistic system recognized for its excellent skin and hair care secrets....



Best Brand

Pond's is a skincare line that aids in keeping your youthful glow. They are dedicated to providing you with the...



Best Brand


Best Brand

Himalaya is an education company that helps you learn and succeed through its best quality digital learning solutions. By creating...



Best Brand

Garnier has been in the skincare and haircare industry for years; it has been utilizing its technology to help women...



Cerave has created a whole range of skincare products based on its ingredient technology. Three vital ceramides are present in...



The field of skin care is filled with items and products that claim to improve the skin in every way...



Most skin care products in today's world have various chemicals that may not suit many individuals. Vanicream, with this as...



Jovees, a cosmetic company, allows anybody to purchase the best 130 skincare, haircare, and herbal beauty products from their website....


Tints Of Nature

Hair coloring is in trend with hair greying as an old friend. Offering a healthier and sustainable solution to the...



Experimenting with various styles and colors on hair has become a new trend lately. But excessive hair experiments can cause...



Restoria is a worldwide brand spanning almost 65 countries that produce anti-grey hair dye. Their brand Express Men under Restoria...

Frequently Asked Questions

Is "Kao" an admired "Hair Colour" brand?

Kao is featured as a reputed Hair Colour brand on our website. Nearly 60K people explore about the brand online per month.

What is the median price for ordering "Kao" brand products?

"Kao" is published in "Hair Coloring Kit", that has average costing of $11, with $2 to $26 price range. Similarly the brand is also featured in "Foam Hair Color", that has mean costing of $17, with $6 to $89 price range.

What is the "Kao" brand popular for?

Kao is also reputed for "Hair Coloring Kit, Foam Hair Color, Eye Pads, Sanitary Napkins and Hair Dye Kit" brands.

Which are several sites alternative to web.kao.com?

Certain webpages like web.kao.com for shopping Hair Coloring Kit products are revlon.com, splathaircolor.com, bigen-usa.com, olaplex.com and manicpanic.com

Where is Kao from? How strong the brand is?

The Kao is Tokyo, Kanto, United States based firm started in 1887. The 135 old Consumer Goods company having approx 10000 staff as of today working for them.

Between "Kao", "Bigen" and "JOVEES" Which one is the most recommended "Hair Colour" brand?

Kao is very popular amidst mentioned companies mainly due to its overall search popularity online. The brand is also listed on around 25 other brand lists here on this website.