Kent is a well-known bicycle manufacturer. It has been making bicycles for a long time and has a global reach. Kent's advanced bike range promises to deliver the ultimate ride experience with its many years of experience. Kent Bikes are the most popular bikes in the United States, Europe, and other regions of the globe. The bikes are constructed to last, with premium quality materials and a focus on comfort. They're also completely recyclable.

Top Kent Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Kent Includes Komodo, Joya, Paul Parkman, Awanstar, Carlo Colucci, LERROS, Anatomic & Co, Galizio Torresi, Doucal's, AKU among many others.



Popular Brand

Komodo is a brand of fashion clothing started by Joe Comodo. It emerged from a trip to Bali, and since...



Popular Brand

Paul Parkman

Popular Brand


Best Brand

Awanstar is a garment facility shop specializing in leather items ranging from leather belts to well-designed coats. The company strives...


Carlo Colucci

Best Brand

With the evolution of human beings, the type of outfits has also become trendy and dapper. Amidst multiple clothing brands,...



Best Brand

Most men think that fashion is not meant for them and that they can’t experiment with everyday looks. LERROS launched...


Anatomic & Co

Best Brand

Your shoes leave a lasting impression on the important people you meet. That is why it is necessary to pick...


Galizio Torresi

Best Brand

Galizio Torresi was started in 1979 as a small men’s shoewear manufacturing company. The company is focused on combining the...



Doucal's shoes for men and women are handcrafted in Italy using a precise handmade method. You'll notice their lightness, flexibility,...



AKU creates outdoor shoes that brave nature's challenges to be your companion in adventures. Manufactured in Italy, they create shoes...


Daniel Hechter

Made in France, Daniel Hechter makes watches for both men and women. Hechter ships its beauties worldwide and is known...



Sports is a passion for many people. It is also essential for them to have the perfect sporting equipment at...


Red Tape

Red Tape was established back in 1996. It is a footwear company, and it is also known as one of...



Frequently Asked Questions

Is "Kent" a popular "Jeans" brand?

Kent is ranked as a top Jeans brand on Brandlists. Estimated 450K shoppers research about them on the internet every month.

What are some similar brands like "Kent"?

Some major equivalent brands to "Kent" are "LERROS, Paul Parkman, Carlo Colucci, Daniel Hechter and AKU in not any particular order.

What is the "Kent" brand also famous for?

Kent is popular for "Hair Brush, Fine Comb, Bristle Hair Brush, Beard Comb and Fine Tooth Comb" companies.

Between "Kent", "Red Tape" and "AKU" Which one is the most popular "Jeans" brand?

Kent is very popular among mentioned brands primarily due to its overall consumer awareness online. It is also enlisted on around 64 different brand categories here on this website.

For Which Reason is 'Kent' more popular compared to identical companies like Paul Parkman, Dunham and Floris van Bommel?

Probably because 'Kent' is the highly inquisitive product manufacturer among internet buyers within all four brands. Over and above that, it is included among more than 64 related categories such as Hair Brush, Fine Comb and Bristle Hair Brush here on our database.

Are Anatomic & Co and AKU alternative to companies like "Kent"?

Mostly yes! Kent is identical to Anatomic & Co and AKU. All are known Hair Brush brands.