KODASKIN is determined to make your motorcycle ride safe and tension free. They offer the most reliable motorcycle components made from the best materials. They also provide accessories like gloves and helmet hooks to improve your riding experience. They make brake clutch levers for all the major brands, such as Yamaha and Honda. Their professional designers come up with unique product designs that stand the test of time.

Top KODASKIN Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to KODASKIN Includes Klock Werks, Biker's Choice, Yamaha, Drag Specialties, Biltwell Inc., Kawasaki, Heinmo, ProTaper, Joker Machine, Nelson-Rigg among many others.


Klock Werks

Popular Brand

Klock Werk has a passion for anything with wheels. They have possibly designed their vision and are driven forward daily...


Biker's Choice

Popular Brand

Biker's Choice is a well-known brand selling name-brand parts, apparel, and accessories. It is managed by passionate and dedicated bikers...



Popular Brand

Yamaha Corporation is an all-time famous Japanese conglomerate that offers various services and products. While it is mainly known for...


Drag Specialties

Best Brand

Drag Specialties is a global power sports company that designs, manufactures, and distributes the best quality items to the world's...


Biltwell Inc.

Best Brand

Biker’s safety goes completely synonymous with a brand like Biltwell. Providing the best safety is its utmost concern and Biltwell...



Best Brand

Kawasaki is a highly renowned and acclaimed brand that makes some of the best super-performance Powersports vehicles. They make Motorcycle...



Best Brand


Best Brand

ProTaper is a popular brand that manufactures automotive parts and accessories. Established in 1991, one of the major products by...


Joker Machine

One of the newly emerging brands that deal with motorbike dealerships, motorsport goods, and vehicle wholesaling is named Joker Machine....



Off to an adventure? Nelson Rig has you covered with their motorcycle luggage, covers, rainwear, and other accessories. Explore vehicle...



PUIG is a multinational firm that creates and manufactures motorcycle accessories. Their primary product lines are custom racing kits, fairings,...



RSD deals with all kinds of types of equipment that you do not think you need but do. The little...



BikeMaster began manufacturing bike replacement parts in 1981 and has maintained a high quality and performance ever since. Safety jackets,...



Benelli bikes deliver a wide range of motorbikes and bicycles and other accessories like helmets, gears, etc.; to make your...


LA Choppers

LA Choppers has been specializing in customizing bikes and incorporating their distinctive style for the past few years. As an...

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some comparable brands like "KODASKIN"?

Some major related brands to "KODASKIN" are "Drag Specialties, FXCNC, Heinmo, ProTaper and Joker Machine in random order.

Among "KODASKIN", "Heinmo" and "PUIG" Which one is the most famous "Clutch Lever" company?

PUIG is the most sought after within mentioned brands mostly due to its total brand visibility on the web. The company is also published on close to 10 similar brand topics here on Brandlists.

Which are several website alternative to kodaskin.aliexpress.com?

Certain webpages similar to kodaskin.aliexpress.com to buy Riding Gloves products are alpinestars.com, cortechsolutions.com, flyracing.com, firstgear-usa.com and dainese.com

Are Klock Werks and ProTaper alternative to brands like "KODASKIN"?

Mostly yes! KODASKIN is similar to Klock Werks and ProTaper. The three are leading Riding Gloves brands.

What is the standard cost for buying "KODASKIN" brand products?

"KODASKIN" is published in "Riding Gloves", which has median costing of $22, with $10 to $89 price range. Correspondingly the brand is also published in "Summer Motorcycle Gloves", that has average costing of $27, with $8 to $79 price range.

What is the "KODASKIN" brand popular for?

KODASKIN is also popular for "Riding Gloves, Summer Motorcycle Gloves, Scooter Stickers, Bike Windshield and Tail Tidy" companies.