Lite-On is a global manufacturer of Opto-semiconductors, power supply control, and critical electronic equipment, with assembly centers worldwide. It provides excellent reliability and performance solutions for data storage, industrial interfaces, and illumination to the industrial and consumer markets. They sell items such as flash memory cards, solid-state drives (SSDs), hard disc drives (HDDs), LED lighting, power supplies, and mobile accessories. They are devoted to delivering their clients extensive, trustworthy, and innovative goods.

Top Lite-On Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Lite-On Includes AcBel, PLEXTOR, AOPEN, Chicony, Power4Laptops, ST, HiPer, Xilence, Tacens, Linkworld Electronic Co. among many others.



Popular Brand

AcBel offers power solutions for computers. One can find all kinds of power output devices for industrial, commercial, medical, and...



Popular Brand

PLEXTOR is a well-known developer of SSDs and other digital storage devices. The company has set a standard for its...



Popular Brand

AOPEN is a prominent Taiwanese electronics manufacturer that has made significant progress with their solutions for healthcare, education, and EV...



Best Brand

Life is getting better and more manageable with Chicony as their expertise in the field of technology has left astonishing...



Best Brand

Are you looking for a laptop adapter but can't find one? Power4Laptops is the most comprehensive list of laptop adapters...



Best Brand

ST is a company that develops sustainable technology for a sustainable world. Together, they work to safeguard the environment while...



Best Brand

Science has played a key role in technological advancements and progress in entertainment and communications. Innovations in the field of...



Best Brand

Xilence produces heat and noise-minimizing products. It manufactures CPU coolers, case fans, desktop accessories, and power supply units. The company...



Tacens is a brand mainly known for manufacturing pc cases and power supplies. The meaning of the brand’s name is...


Linkworld Electronic Co.



Trevor Chan founded Enlight in 1993, hoping to create games that can combine entertainment value with educational efficacy. As one...



EMACS is an IT business that provides its customers with the top solutions. EMACS offers everything, including IT services, Cloud...



PowerMan Home UPS is a secure and dependable home backup system that can keep your lights, entertainment, and security systems...



The best innovation, according to Huntkey, consists of developing, updating, or improving more valuable items. One of the famous manufacturers...



HEC Group is a prominent global producer and developer of PC Cases, Power Supply Units, and Rackmount Systems for clients...

Frequently Asked Questions

What are different sites similar to

Some of the sites related to for shopping Power Supplies products are,,, and

For What Reason is 'Lite-On' well known compared to similar brands like AOPEN, ST and Tacens?

Because 'Lite-On' is the most inquisitive product manufacturer among search engines between all of the mentioned brands. Also, it is listed among close to 19 identical topics such as Power Supplies, Cd Drive and Universal Power Adapter here on our database.

Are Chicony and PowerMan related to brands like "Lite-On"?

Obviously! Lite-On is related to Chicony and PowerMan. All are famous Power Supplies brands.

What is the average price for purchasing "Lite-On" brand products?

"Lite-On" is included in "Power Supplies", that has median pricing of $72, with $69 to $233 price range. Likewise the brand is also listed in "Cd Drive", the category has median costing of $23, with $16 to $29 price range.

Why Is "Lite-On" a well known "Power Supplies" brand?

Lite-On is listed as the most popular Power Supplies company on Brandlists. Roughtly 6.6K shoppers research about the brand on Google within a month.

What is the "Lite-On" brand popular for?

Lite-On is also known for "Power Supplies, Cd Drive, Universal Power Adapter, Pc Power Supply and Solid State Laptop Hard Drive" companies.