Successful businesses understand the importance of an intelligent supplier relationship in delivering innovative items to their markets on time. Microchip Technology Incorporated is a major producer of embedded control solutions that are smart, connected, and secure. Customers can generate optimal designs with easy-to-use design tools and extensive product selection, decreasing risk while cutting overall system cost and complexity. All phases of design and production are subject to strict quality controls.

Top Microchip Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Microchip Includes GP Battery, Analog Devices, NTE, Saft, Vishay, PIRABADI, ARCAS, Tadiran, Murata, Arduino among many others.


GP Battery

Popular Brand

GP Battery specializes in producing, distributing, and selling portable power items such as batteries, solar kits, inverters, and generators. The...


Analog Devices

Popular Brand

Analog devices connect the digital and physical worlds by converting information into action and significantly improving people's lives. Their technologies...



Popular Brand

NTE is a high-tech electronics brand in New Jersey, serving in the market for years. It provides all its facilities...



Best Brand

Charge and energize with Saft, a brand manufacturing and supplying state-of-art batteries to all industries. The company has a rich...



Best Brand

Vishay is a manufacturer of electronic components. The company focuses on the quality of its products and calls them "The...



Best Brand

The Pirabadi pack has a variety of boxes & cardboard. They make them with premium quality materials. The envelopes &...



Best Brand

ARCAS is an international corporation that has spent over a decade researching, developing, and manufacturing transportable light and power systems....



Best Brand

Tadiran is your brand if you are looking for batteries that survive in every condition. Tadiran batteries can survive in...



Murata Manufacturing is a Japanese manufacturer of electronic components. It is a leading manufacturer of ceramic filters, high-frequency parts, and...



Arduino is a website that provides a platform for learning electronics and the technicality of things. It creates lessons, tutorials,...



Littelfuse is a world-class technology-producing enterprise that serves Thyristors, ESD suppressors, semiconductors, protection relays, sensors, etc. It was established in...



The purpose and use of batteries have expanded over the years, and so has the brand Rayovac, a leading producer,...


Conrad Energy

Conrad provides you with the best electronic and hardware consultations that help you make your technical indulgence s much more...



Eunicell offers long-lasting batteries for your battery-operated devices. Be it a radio, flashlight, laptop, or even a toy, the company...



Frequently Asked Questions

Is "Microchip" a popular "Transistoren" company?

Microchip is listed as a top Transistoren brand on this website. Estimated 165K shoppers find about them on Google within a month.

Which are different sites related to microchip.com?

Different sites similar to microchip.com to purchase Voltage Regulators products are vicorpower.com, murata.com, analog.com, xppower.com and onsemi.com

What is the median price for buying "Microchip" brand items?

"Microchip" is categorized in "Voltage Regulators", which has average pricing of $32, with $9 to $199 price range. Likewise the brand is also published in "Adjustable Voltage Regulator", the category has median pricing of $13, with $6 to $35 price range.

What are several related brands like "Microchip"?

Some leading comparable brands to "Microchip" are "Analog Devices, NTE, Vishay, Arduino and PKCELL in not any particular order.

Are Shindengen and POWEROWL alternative to brands like "Microchip"?

Unquestionably! Microchip is an alternative to Shindengen and POWEROWL. They are leading Voltage Regulators brands.