The year 1975 saw two boys convert a famous computer programming language for personal use. They went on to start a company and moved on to develop other programming languages. This company produced essential operating systems for the International Business Corporation’s first personal computer. In 1995, Windows 95 was released, which could keep up with the Apple OS. Today, we know the company as Microsoft.

Top Microsoft Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Microsoft Includes CronusMAX, Mad Catz, XIM, Brook, Scuf Gaming, KontrolFreek, ASUS, Collective Minds, Sony, GameStop among many others.



Popular Brand

CronusMax shapes the gamers' vision toward gaming, which has the conversion power to change the controller as per the buyer's...


Mad Catz

Popular Brand

Mad Catz is a renowned manufacturer of gaming gear and peripherals, such as mouse pads, keyboards, headphones, and controllers. Whatever...



Popular Brand

XIM Technologies is here, taking care of your gaming experiences. With cutting-edge technology embedded in their devices, they have new-generation...



Best Brand

Brook is an online gaming store with all the latest and brand-new GenX gaming accessories for all age groups. The...


Scuf Gaming

Best Brand

Scuf Gaming makes gaming gear devices built with intelligent designs and aesthetics, making them appropriate for today's high-tech gamers. The...



Best Brand

Gaming has become popular now. Many online gamers became an influencer. Online gaming will become the best carrier shortly. Kontrol...



Best Brand

ASUS is a multinational company founded in 1989 and specialized in consumer electronics and hardware. It is considered people's first...


Collective Minds

Best Brand

Collective Minds Gaming Accessories are designed to improve your gaming experience. They provide a diverse selection of items for all...



Shortly after World War 2, Masaru Ibuka founded the Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo K.K., a telecommunications and engineering corporation. He wanted...



This 21st century is the century of online gaming. It will become the choice as a career of every youth...



Hyperkin is a company that specializes in retro-style video game equipment, including controllers and adapters. Their objective is to give...



It is said that the music is the strongest form of magic, and Harmonix aims to bring such a magical...



PowerA is a prominent manufacturer of unique mobile devices and gaming hardware accessories. Controllers, cases, audio goods, headsets, and other...



PDP products enhance the gaming background while delivering a competitive edge. Its goods, whether a game controller, mouse, headset, or...



IOGEAR is a well-known provider of connection solutions. Their focus on developing innovative, elevated, and dependable connection solutions for home...

Frequently Asked Questions

Are KontrolFreek and Sony related to brands like "Microsoft"?

Definitely! Microsoft is identical to KontrolFreek and Sony. The three are popular Game Controller brands.

Why Is "Microsoft" a renowend "Game Controller" brand?

Microsoft is published as a renowend Game Controller company on our website. Around 9.1M shoppers explore about them online per month.

What is the "Microsoft" brand known for?

Microsoft is famous for "Game Controller, Game Consoles, Wireless Controller Xbox One, Xbox Controller Bluetooth and Xbox 360 Controller" brands.

What are different website alternative to

Several webpages identical to for buying Game Controller products are,,, and

How is 'Microsoft' more reputed compared to similar brands like Brook, ASUS and Harmonix?

Mainly because 'Microsoft' is the most sought after brand online within all the mentioned companies. On top of that, it is enlisted among nearly 173 related topics such as Game Controller, Game Consoles and Wireless Controller Xbox One here on

What are different identical brands like "Microsoft"?

Some good similar brands to "Microsoft" are "Mad Catz, Collective Minds, Harmonix, PowerA and IOGEAR in not any particular order.