Minx Nails will make your nails look fabulous for every occasion. The company opened its door to business back in 2008 when Dawn Lynch-Goodwin and Janice Jordan decided to build an empire in nail fashion. They make fun products that only use high-quality materials. They have a variety of products that you can choose from. The company also sells a lot of nail accessories. Say goodbye to boring nails and get your nails looking good with Minx Nails.

Top Minx Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Minx Includes Jottum, Cyrillus, Mini Boden, Kite, Bonpoint, Sunny Fashion, Catimini, Monnalisa, molo, Cakewalk among many others.



Popular Brand


Popular Brand

Often, the most homely collections make a great addition to your wardrobe, like the ones offered by Cyrillus. With a...


Mini Boden

Popular Brand


Best Brand

Being one of the biggest web-based business stores for design and lifestyle items, Kite aims to curate an issue-free and...



Best Brand

Bon Point is the top-notch store every parent can rely on for their children's fashion needs. Understanding the importance of...


Sunny Fashion

Best Brand

Perfectly fitted dresses are tough to find, especially for kids' dresses. Sunny fashion identified this market gap and launched several...



Best Brand

Catimini provides you with the best in children's clothing fashion to get your little one's best apparel and clothing. Adept...



Best Brand

Monnalisa manufactures clothing and accessories and beauty products for children, a semi-luxury brand that provides the trendiest styles for children...



Molo is a clothing brand specializing in apparel for newborns to teenagers. Molo's collection is unique and doesn't follow the...



Cakewalk is a renowned producer of increased, well-designed products for today’s modern performers. Medal digital recording workstations and cutting-edge simulated...



Frugi is a brand that offers organic clothing to its customers. It ranges from clothing items for newborn babies to...


Sergent Major

Sergent Major offers a collection of trendy and comfortable clothing for babies. This website will make you discover its universe...


DP... am

Most websites only focus on women’s and men’s clothing, but Du Pareil has brought a range for children below 14...



Boboli Club is open, current, amusing, naive, interested, and nonconformist with a desire to learn. They're the same age as...



Noppies is a brand for pregnant women and ladies. This brand believes in clothing and comfort "while one waits." They...

Frequently Asked Questions

Between "Minx", "Jottum" and "Sunny Fashion" Which one is the most admired "Girls' Skater Dress" brand?

Minx is very well known within mentioned companies primarily due to its highest brand awareness online. They are also included on nearly 5 similar brand lists here on our database.

Are Monnalisa and Frugi comparable to companies like "Minx"?

Generally yes! Minx is similar to Monnalisa and Frugi. They are popular Girls' Skater Dress brands.

What is the "Minx" brand popular for?

Minx is also popular for "Girls' Skater Dress, Girls' Leggings, Girls' Fashion Dress, Nail Foil and Maternity Clothing" brands.

What are various similar brands like "Minx"?

Some of the best related brands to "Minx" are "Mini Boden, Kite, Bonpoint, molo and DP... am in arbitrary order.

How is 'Minx' more reputed compared to similar companies like Bonpoint, DP... am and Boboli?

Mainly because 'Minx' is the most inquisitive product manufacturer online out of all four brands. Further, it is ranked among approximately 5 number of categories such as Girls' Skater Dress, Girls' Leggings and Girls' Fashion Dress here on our database.

What is the median price for purchasing "Minx" brand items?

"Minx" is categorized in "Girls' Skater Dress", that has median pricing of $17, with $5 to $36 price range. Correspondingly the brand is also featured in "Girls' Leggings", which has average pricing of $16, with $9 to $32 price range.