Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric has always strived to create a varied range of products of the highest quality in its entire term of existence. Their most popular products include air conditioners, semiconductors and devices, and visual and imaging. Mitsubishi Electric has a customer base that believes in the quality of its products and services. They owe their success in their industry to their transparent company motto and the support of their loyal customers throughout the world.

Top Mitsubishi Electric Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Mitsubishi Electric Includes ABB, Fuji, FPE, FANUC, Teledyne, Sumitomo, Siemens, Phoenix Contact, Ch, Littelfuse among many others.



Popular Brand

ABB is a technology company that is leading in the global market. They tend to push the boundaries of technology...



Popular Brand

Fuji Electric's primary activity is designing, creating, and manufacturing electricity distribution systems and equipment. For usage in power systems that...



Popular Brand

FPE Automation is an award-winning distributor of premium-quality industrial components that has been serving the industry for over 50 years....



Best Brand

FANUC is one of the oldest and most consistent players in the field of robotics and partners with DNC electronics...



Best Brand

Teledyne might not sound familiar at first, but their services are something we have been using over the internet and...



Best Brand

Sumimoto is a company that excels at making tires. The company started a long time ago, and they are still...



Best Brand

The 20th century saw a series of development and innovation. Infrastructural progress was also happening during this era. Every organization...


Phoenix Contact

Best Brand

Phoenix Contact is a global leader in electrification and networking in a smart world. This company is a family business...



Ch Guitars Ltd is dedicated to providing the best quality aftermarket guitar components. Their website is for everybody interested in...



Littelfuse is a world-class technology-producing enterprise that serves Thyristors, ESD suppressors, semiconductors, protection relays, sensors, etc. It was established in...



Entrelac is a manufacturer of terminal blocks and wiring systems. They have been industry leaders for over five decades and...



Qualtech is a team of experienced engineers who manufacture premium, helpful quality technical devices for different industries. From turnkey harmonic...



AutomationDirect is an industrial solution manufacturing company. The company provides a range of solutions such as industrial software, controllers, and...



Yaskawa Electric has been in the business for over a century. The company specializes in manufacturing industrial robots, motion controllers,...



NTE is a high-tech electronics brand in New Jersey, serving in the market for years. It provides all its facilities...

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Littelfuse and ITE alternative to companies like "Mitsubishi Electric"?

Surely! Mitsubishi Electric is identical to Littelfuse and ITE. The three are leading Igbt Transistors brands.

Among "Mitsubishi Electric", "ITE" and "Entrelec" Which one is the most popular "Transistors" company?

ITE is very established between mentioned brands mainly due to its total brand visibility on the web. It is also included on approximately 5 different brand topics here on Brandlists.

For Which Reason is 'Mitsubishi Electric' well known compared to similar companies like Sumitomo, Phoenix Contact and AutomationDirect?

The Reason is 'Mitsubishi Electric' is the most inquisitive company on the web out of all four brands. Further, it is covered among nearly 5 different lists such as Igbt Transistors, Pc Panel and Heat Exchanger here on our website.

Is "Mitsubishi Electric" a well known "Transistors" company?

Mitsubishi Electric is published as a top Transistors brand on this website. Nearly 90K buyers research about them on Google within a month.

Where is Mitsubishi Electric from? How big the brand is?

The Mitsubishi Electric is Ballymount, Dublin 24, Ireland based company incorporated in 1981. The 41 old Industrial Automation company has roughtly 10000 employees today working with them.

What is the standard price for buying "Mitsubishi Electric" brand items?

"Mitsubishi Electric" is listed in "Igbt Transistors", which has mean costing of $50, with $5 to $261 price range. Correspondingly the brand is also published in "Pc Panel", that has median pricing of $73, with $14 to $199 price range.