NERF is a popular brand of toys created by Parker Brothers and currently owned by Hasbro. Invented in 1969, the brand has evolved into a general toy brand offering everything from action figures and water guns to footballs and games. Unleash the power within with NERF, the ultimate in blaster performance. With their massive line-up of blasters and gear, you can create a custom arsenal to take on any challenger. From blasters to bow and arrows, the best way to play with friends for kids and adults is NERF.

Top NERF Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to NERF Includes Atari, Nintendo, Bruce Lee, Activision, Banzai, Hurley, Capcom, Badger Sport, Badger, ellesse among many others.



Popular Brand

Atari develops products and services for mobile, console, and PC platforms that enable interactive experiences. It creates and distributes video...



Popular Brand

Nintendo is the top video game developer in the world and has been appreciated by gamers across the globe. Gaming...


Bruce Lee

Popular Brand

Bruce Lee is a brand for lifestyle and apparel. As the name suggests, It is named after the well-known martial...



Best Brand

Activision is an electronic website that provides digital interactive enjoyment. It is a website that showcases well-known games that significantly...



Best Brand

With their durability and great colors, Banazi was an icon in the ’70s for its skateboards. Later it was turned...



Best Brand

Hurley was founded in 1990. The company took its roots from water and is closely tied to water to date....



Best Brand

The Capcom Store features a plethora of games to entice consumers. The Devil May Cry is one of their best-selling...


Badger Sport

Best Brand

Founder sport Group makes top-quality, authentic apparel perfect for all sports. Its Chroma Gear provides unlimited sports fit options and...



Badger is a skincare line noted for being organic, natural, and safe. They researched which fruits, herbs, and oils promote...



The Italian-based sportswear manufacturer Ellesse focuses on creating and dispensing athletic apparel, workout gear, and footwear. Its items aim at...



Shake a leg to the pop songs of the band Blondie. This band was founded by Debbie Harry, who was...



Mcbazel allows video game lovers to choose a high-quality and reliable accessory for their video games as it works on...



AAA is a company that specializes in advertising companies. It also provides promotional items on its website to promote other...



Bob's Red Mill makes it simple for everyone to enjoy a healthy, balanced meal. They offer over 200 goods manufactured...


Ecko Unltd.

Ecko has been in business since 1993. They have taken youth culture and transformed it into clothing. The company works...

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is NERF from? How large the brand is?

The NERF is Pawtucket, RI, United States based company established in 1923. The 99 old Consumer Goods firm having approx 5000 to 10000 employees today working with them.

What is the "NERF" brand also popular for?

NERF is known for "New Nerf, Toy Drum, Sniper Rifle Toy, Walkie Talkie and Wii Controllers" brands.

Among "NERF", "Capcom" and "BOB" Which one is the most famous "New Nerf" company?

NERF is the most searched among mentioned brands generally due to its highest search popularity online. They are also featured on close to 23 other brand topics here on this website.

What are a few related companies like "NERF"?

Some major alternative brands to "NERF" are "Activision, Hurley, Badger Sport, ellesse and BOB in not any particular order.

Is "NERF" a reputed "New Nerf" company?

NERF is listed as the best New Nerf company on Brandlists. Roughtly 1.8M buyers explore about them on Google per month.

For Which Reason is 'NERF' more popular compared to other companies like Banzai, ellesse and Blondie?

Because 'NERF' is the most seached brand online between all four brands. Additionally, it is featured among nearly 23 similar topics such as New Nerf, Toy Drum and Sniper Rifle Toy here on