Style your hair the way you want with Nume, a website dedicated to hair care and styling services. The automatic curling wand features three interchangeable tourmaline barrels which rotate and create curls. The Megastar Flat Iron will make your daily hair routine quick with more gentle heat styling. But while styling, make sure you don’t get late, so quickly dry your hair with a bold hair dryer with infrared Heat to gently heat hair from within.

Top NuMe Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to NuMe Includes Proliss, Xtava, Kipozi, Le Angelique, ISO Beauty, Foxybae, Sutra, Tyme, Hot Tools, T3 among many others.



Popular Brand

Proliss is an American designer and manufacturer of premium hair products like straighteners, twisters, and brushes. The company prioritizes women...



Popular Brand

Xtava is a US brand that manufactures and sells hair care products, accessories, and appliances. It is a one-stop for...



Popular Brand

Do you want salon-styled hair every day? But due to unfortunate circumstances of high time consumption and money, it’s better...


Le Angelique

Best Brand

Angelique is dedicated to helping you achieve angel-like hair, as its name suggests. The company delivers high-performing, affordable hair care...


ISO Beauty

Best Brand

ISO Beauty is widely regarded as a trailblazer in the beauty business since they regularly provide their customers with new...



Best Brand

Foxbae is based in Los Angeles, California; it manufactures hair styling products to prevent lousy day hair completely. It makes...



Best Brand

Sutra is a hair care and styling company that designs and manufactures professional and personal use hair tools. They offer...



Best Brand

Style your hair wherever you go without thinking about damage as Tyme has brought a range of appliances that will...


Hot Tools

Hot Tools is a haircare business that employs 24-carat gold to create tools to help professional hairstylists with their haircare...



Hair is one of the most significant aspects of a woman's appearance, and each woman has her own personal style....


Gold 'N Hot

Hair styling made easy, Gold 'N Hot is a leading hair appliances manufacturer in the international market. Using advanced tech...



Want to achieve healthy, voluminous and vibrant hair? Switch to Cortex. Founded in the year 2005, Cortex is a brand...



The ultimate haircare brand for all the fancy women out there, Evalectric brings you all that you can ask for....



Based out of Brooklyn, PYT Hair is a company that caters to women who thrive on self-expression. PYT Hair understands...



Jibere has recently rebranded as BaBylissPRO. They have been going by the name for 50 years and decided to change...

Frequently Asked Questions

For What Reason is 'NuMe' well known compared to similar companies like Kipozi, Cortex and PYT?

Because 'NuMe' is the most sought after brand on the Internet within all the mentioned brands. Morever, it is listed among close to 8 identical topics such as Curling Wand, 32Mm Curling Wand and Curling Wand Set here on

What is the "NuMe" brand famous for?

NuMe is known for "Curling Wand, 32Mm Curling Wand, Curling Wand Set, Wand Curler and Curling Iron Sets" brands.

Which are few sites related to

Few of the sites related to to purchase Curling Wand products are,,, and

What is the standard price for ordering "NuMe" brand products?

"NuMe" is included in "Curling Wand", which has median pricing of $56, with $16 to $325 price range. Correspondingly the brand is also featured in "32Mm Curling Wand", the category has median pricing of $39, with $16 to $199 price range.

Between "NuMe", "Kipozi" and "Gold 'N Hot" Which one is the most famous "Curling Wand" company?

NuMe is very established among mentioned brands generally due to its overall search popularity online. The company is also listed on close to 8 different brand topics here on Brandlists.

Are Evalectric and Jilbere alternative to brands like "NuMe"?

Certainly! NuMe is an alternative to Evalectric and Jilbere. They are famous Curling Wand brands.