PharMeDoc is related to medicine. Well, if we are precise, they are connected to pregnancy and the problems that come with it. It is not an easy phase of life. People tend to glorify the pregnancies but also come with several issues that must be dealt with. Itchy skin and swollen toes are just a few of them. This company has solutions to help you along the journey in the form of lotions and medicines. They also have pregnancy pillows for proper sleep.

Top PharMeDoc Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to PharMeDoc Includes Cushy Form, Supportiback, Bluestone, Leachco, QUEEN ROSE, Brentwood Home, Hermell, Support Plus, Textile Passion, Top Home Solutions among many others.


Cushy Form

Popular Brand

We all undervalue the value of a restful night's sleep. No matter how much you try to ignore it, the...



Popular Brand

Supportiback is dedicated to improving your posture in any way possible. Whether it's the way you sleep or travel, Supportiback...



Popular Brand

Working from home or office gives equal amounts of stress. It would help if you made yourself feel energetic and...



Best Brand

Leachco is a brand that aims at making motherhood better with its products. Leachco is unique because its products are...



Best Brand

Motherhood is a beautiful yet tiring experience. Therefore, both mama and baby need a good night's sleep every night. Queen...


Brentwood Home

Best Brand

Brentwood Home is a bedding company that offers products made from recycled, natural, alternative, and non-toxic materials. Committing to eco-friendly...



Best Brand

Back pain, neck pain, arm injury, leg injury, expecting, or just being prescribed bed rest, Hermell promises to cover all...


Support Plus

Best Brand

Founded in 1972 by Eloise and Ed Janus, Support Plus gives wellbeing-related items. The items include Comfort shoes, foot care...


Textile Passion

When mixed with comfort, modernism gives the outcome to another level. Textile Passion is one such brand that has been...


Top Home Solutions

Home Solutions is the one-stop location for all your homeware, kitchenware, electronics needs to make your life more efficient. With...


Contour Products

A leading innovator, designer, and manufacturer of sleep, support, and comfort solutions since 1991, Contour Products provide people with simple,...



hiccapop is dedicated to making the lives of new parents easier with its range of innovative baby products. From portable...


Mushy Pillows

Innovating unbelievably soft and huggable microbead pillows are mushy pillows. With unique and colorful designs, with a vast range of...


NuVu Baby

Nuvu Baby supplies well-designed Pregnancy Pillows to help parents care for their children and make their lives easier. Pillows are...



Easyrest is a manufacturing company based in Australia that has been in operation for about 40 years. It provides a...

Frequently Asked Questions

Out of "PharMeDoc", "Bluestone" and "Leachco" Which one is the most popular "Pillows" brand?

Bluestone is very well known among mentioned companies mainly due to its overall brand visibility online. They are also included on nearly 9 different brand topics here on our site.

Are Cushy Form and Mushy Pillows related to companies like "PharMeDoc"?

Generally yes! PharMeDoc is similar to Cushy Form and Mushy Pillows. The three are popular Maternity Pillows brands.

What is the "PharMeDoc" brand also known for?

PharMeDoc is also popular for "Maternity Pillows, Body Pillow, Maternity Body Pillow, Full Body Pillows and U Pillow" companies.

Where is PharMeDoc from? How large the company is?

The PharMeDoc is Gardena, CA, United States based company launched in 2013. The 9 old Consumer Goods firm has roughtly 10 to 51 employees as of today working with them.

How is 'PharMeDoc' more popular compared to similar brands like Cushy Form, Brentwood Home and NuVu Baby?

Mainly because 'PharMeDoc' is the most seached product manufacturer online within all the mentioned brands. Besides, it is featured among nearly 9 identical topics such as Maternity Pillows, Body Pillow and Maternity Body Pillow here on our website.

What is the average cost for buying "PharMeDoc" brand products?

"PharMeDoc" is included in "Maternity Pillows", that has average costing of $41, with $9 to $99 price range. Correspondingly the brand is also published in "Body Pillow", which has average costing of $37, with $12 to $139 price range.