Pletscher is a Swiss manufacturer of high-quality carrier racks, stands, and mudguards. Pletscher designs bicycle carriers and detachable and portable accessories such as bags, baskets, protective cases, etc. Pletscher has made it possible to carry and ship big and heavy things on a bicycle. It removes the obligation of having a motor vehicle to transport heavy objects and provides a remarkably effective and efficient alternative. Pletscher products are designed and finished under the same roof to provide the highest quality accessories.

Top PLETSCHER Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to PLETSCHER Includes Racktime, KLICKfix, tubus, Wald, Basil, Bellelli, New Looxs, Haberland, Tern, Peruzzo among many others.



Popular Brand

Racktime is a well-thought-out business that provides transportation options that ensure your bike fits your everyday routine. The items are...



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You love to cover your distance with your cycle, but it's often a dilemma when traveling with baggage, and you...



Popular Brand

Weltweit führenden Unternehmen für die Entwicklung und Produktion hochwertiger Gepäckträgersysteme für den Lastentransport auf dem Fahrrad. Seit mehr als 25...



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If you are looking for premium quality bike parts, then Wald Sports might help. With an experience of successfully running...



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Basil is all about having fun on your bike. They make attractive and practical riding accessories. Basil, therefore, contributes to...



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Bellelli is a manufacturer of bicycle accessories, including gears and seats. The brand is renowned for matching European standards of...


New Looxs

Best Brand

New Looxs is one of the finest and leading bags and basket design, creation, and distribution companies. They aim to...



Best Brand

Haberland is Germany's first manufacturer wholly dedicated to travel bags and backpacks. They adore bicycles because they represent freedom, mobility,...



Aiming to change the world, Tern is a bicycle manufacturing brand that builds bikes for remarkable performance, effortless foldability, durably...



Guaranteeing 100% made in Italy, Peruzzo has been in the market since 1972. Delivering quality products on the international market,...



UNIX is an online store where they sell baskets made out of alloy and aluminum that sits on either your...



The bicycle has been one of the favorites in commuting since time immemorial. MINOURA supplies parts and accessories to support...



PUKY was founded in 1949 in Düsseldorf and got by producing only balloon scooters, late moving on to children’s and...



Hebie is a bike part manufacturing company that has been a leader in making bike parts for over a century...



Ortlieb has been manufacturing waterproof travel accessories, especially for bikers, since 1982. Their products are made from nylon, Cordura, polyester,...

Frequently Asked Questions

Are New Looxs and Ortlieb related to brands like "PLETSCHER"?

Generally yes! PLETSCHER is comparable to New Looxs and Ortlieb. They are known Bike Kickstands brands.

How is 'PLETSCHER' more reputed compared to similar companies like Wald, New Looxs and Minoura?

Probably because 'PLETSCHER' is the most seached company among search engines out of all four brands. Additionally, it is covered among nearly 7 identical topics such as Bike Kickstands, Rear Racks and Bike Baskets here on our website.

Out of "PLETSCHER", "Bellelli" and "Peruzzo" Which one is the most famous "Fahrrad-Zubehör" brand?

Peruzzo is very established between mentioned brands mostly due to its total web popularity on the web. The company is also listed on close to 7 similar brand lists here on our database.

What are several comparable brands like "PLETSCHER"?

Some good similar brands to "PLETSCHER" are "Racktime, KLICKfix, Peruzzo, Puky and Hebie in random order.

What is the "PLETSCHER" brand popular for?

PLETSCHER is also reputed for "Bike Kickstands, Rear Racks, Bike Baskets, Rear Bicycle Baskets and Bike Rear Rack" companies.

What is the mean cost for ordering "PLETSCHER" brand products?

"PLETSCHER" is included in "Bike Kickstands", that has mean costing of $13, with $4 to $21 price range. Correspondingly the brand is also published in "Rear Racks", which has median pricing of $29, with $6 to $119 price range.