PMC Group

PMC Group is a diverse, international chemicals firm. It was primarily located in the US and launched in 1994. Its mission is to achieve social good while establishing a pattern of growth that can be sustained throughout time. They create a variety of goods, including plastic lubricants, accelerators, and other related goods. This business began as a modest mechanical contracting business that first concentrated on HVAC and refrigeration services. Their products provide cutting-edge answers to common problems in a wide range of end markets.

Top PMC Group Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to PMC Group Includes Dynaudio, KEF, Tannoy, MartinLogan, Sonus faber, M&K Sound, NHT, Wharfedale, Monitor Audio, Celestion among many others.



Popular Brand

Dynaudio is a Danish audio company whose speakers can be found in luxury cars and big music production houses worldwide....



Popular Brand

KEF is a world-renowned British speaker company specializing in the best home audio. They've created a reputation for consistently elevated...



Popular Brand

Tannoy has become a key player in professional recording studio monitoring, one of the undisputed leaders in loudspeaker and audio...



Best Brand

MartinLogan is a pioneer in electrostatic speaker manufacturing. The company is one of its kind and has been developing speakers...


Sonus faber

Best Brand

Sonus Faber is one of the market leaders in speaker manufacturing, recognized for its supreme-quality products, technical expertise, and innovation....


M&K Sound

Best Brand

M&K Sound is a world-class manufacturer of loudspeakers. The speakers provide high-quality music and have a strong output from the...



Best Brand

Founded in the USA in 1987, NHT is a brand run by a set of employees who are mainly musicians...



Best Brand

Wharfedale is a British audio equipment manufacturer well known for its loudspeakers. James S. Wharfedale and his wife Sybil launched...


Monitor Audio

Found in 1972 by a team of engineers, Monitor Audio promises quality and perfection in its products. Initially, their products...



Celestion professional loudspeakers and compression drivers have built a worldwide reputation for unique design, outstanding performance, and unsurpassed dependability. The...


Analog Devices

Analog devices connect the digital and physical worlds by converting information into action and significantly improving people's lives. Their technologies...



JAMO lets you get a perfect output device to play your jams. Providing minimalist and elegant-looking audio devices is the...


Acoustic Energy

Acoustic energy is an expert in manufacturing outstanding speakers, Bringing you a musical experience like never before. To bring clarity...



Zenoah is a reputed brand of outdoor power products such as hedge trimmers, chainsaws, blowers, dusters, shredders, industrial pumps, and...



Live every sound and enjoy music like never before with Elac systems! Sturdy and classic speakers and systems arouse the...

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some related brands like "PMC Group"?

Some of the best alternative brands to "PMC Group" are "KEF, MartinLogan, M&K Sound, Acoustic Energy and Zenoah in random order.

Is "PMC Group" an admired "Transistors" brand?

PMC Group is ranked as the best Transistors company on Brandlists. Around 1.3K people research about the company on Google monthly.

Are Tannoy and Celestion identical to companies like "PMC Group"?

Certainly! PMC Group is similar to Tannoy and Celestion. These are famous Model Rc Boats brands.

What is the standard cost for buying "PMC Group" brand items?

"PMC Group" is published in "Model Rc Boats", which has mean pricing of $57, with $9 to $270 price range. Correspondingly the brand is also published in "Brushless Rc Boat", the category has mean pricing of $102, with $12 to $539 price range.

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