Port Authority

Port Authority is the first and largest online supplier of original, elevated clothing and accessories. They are dedicated to providing excellent design, comfort, and value in their products and a fun and simple purchasing experience. They attentively listen to ensure that they comprehend your conditions and look onward to the possibility of serving you. Whether it's a snug winter coat or a simple T-shirt, you'll find it here at a reasonable price.

Top Port Authority Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Port Authority Includes Antigua, Cutter & Buck, North End, Featherlite, Sport-Tek, Nautica, Columbia, PGA TOUR, Kuhl, Orvis among many others.



Popular Brand

One of the Arizona fashion market's leading creators and designers brands is the Antigua Group, Inc. Whether to find the...


Cutter & Buck

Popular Brand

Cutter & Buck is originally a Seattle-based clothing company that aims to amalgamate the concept of both sea and mountains...


North End

Popular Brand

The outfits most worn during winter are jackets and sweaters. However, jackets are considered more stylish and favorable, especially in...



Best Brand

Featherlite Apparel offers business ready clothing that resist stains, wick away moisture and more--providing quality apparel and value.



Best Brand

Sport-Tek offers great-performance clothing for any sport, at any time, and in any location. You may find Sport-Tek's revolutionary materials...



Best Brand

Nautica is a lifestyle brand that sells a variety of fashionable and high-quality apparel. They started as an outerwear company...



Best Brand

Columbia bicycles are one of the oldest companies in the bicycle manufacturing industry. The brand has been developing and selling...



Best Brand

The PGA TOUR is a branch of the PGA of America and the primary membership organization for professional golfers in...






Ben Sherman

Ben Sherman, a fashion company, aims to improve everyone's wardrobe and minds. Their design assortment includes unique pieces like the...


Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers provide ready-to-wear clothes with classic products such as seersucker, madras, the first button-down collar, the non-iron shirt, and...


Ralph Lauren

The world of fashion is everchanging and is always open to new ideas and innovations. Unique styles that stand out...



Russell has quite a rich history. The company was founded on the playing fields of America. If you have an...



Patagonia is dedicated to making the most refined product possible, decreasing its environmental impact, and supporting grassroots environmental organizations. Since...

Frequently Asked Questions

For Which Reason is 'Port Authority' well known compared to similar companies like PGA TOUR, Brooks Brothers and Ralph Lauren?

Probably because 'Port Authority' is the highly inquisitive brand on the Internet between all of the mentioned brands. Besides, it is listed among close to 66 identical topics such as Polo T-Shirts, Ladies Jackets and Women's Polo Shirts here on our website.

Amid "Port Authority", "Featherlite" and "Ralph Lauren" Which one is the well known "Men's Clothes" brand?

Ralph Lauren is the most searched among mentioned companies primarily due to its higher brand awareness on the web. It is also featured on approximately 66 different brand topics here on our site.

What is the standard cost for ordering "Port Authority" brand products?

"Port Authority" is published in "Polo T-Shirts", that has average pricing of $26, with $7 to $69 price range. Correspondingly the brand is also listed in "Ladies Jackets", that has average pricing of $58, with $11 to $309 price range.

Is "Port Authority" a famous "Men's Clothes" company?

Port Authority is published as the most popular Men's Clothes company on this website. Roughtly 74K consumers find about the brand on search engines per month.

What is the "Port Authority" brand also famous for?

Port Authority is also popular for "Polo T-Shirts, Ladies Jackets, Women's Polo Shirts, Fleece Jacket and Women's Fleece Jackets" brands.

What are some similar brands like "Port Authority"?

Some leading alternative brands to "Port Authority" are "Cutter & Buck, Featherlite, Nautica, Brooks Brothers and Ralph Lauren in random order.