Razor has been creating rides for kids since the year of 2003. They devote themselves to crafting the perfect rider for a kid. Razor is well known for producing kick scooters and skateboards. They have recently added caster boards and hoverboards in their inventory to keep up with the changing times and the changing demands of the public. Razor pays a lot of attention to the design and efficiency of their products. Fancy rides with lights are the most recent addition to their inventory.

Top Razor Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Razor Includes Kryptonics, Allway, Tajima, OLFA, NT Cutter, Slice, Birdhouse, Red Devil, Penny Skateboards, Megawheels among many others.



Popular Brand

Krytonics is one of the leading brands dealing with skateboards, doing exceptionally well in the market. It is a US-based...



Popular Brand

Allway Tools is all about tools. The revolutionary All-Way Handy Saw was the first-ever product by the company, and it...



Popular Brand

Tools are an integral part of building machinery and infrastructure. Tajima is a Japanese brand founded in 1909. Initially started...



Best Brand

Olfa is a Japanese company that deals in cutting tools. Its core focus is on the quality of the products,...


NT Cutter

Best Brand

NT Cutter specializes in different stationery items like cutters, blades, and dressers. The company uses high-grade stainless steel and tends...



Best Brand

Slice is an online platform for people to interact and read various articles, from relationships and celebrities to fashion and...



Best Brand

Birdhouse is a renounced brand that deals with creating and supplying skateboards in various designs and patterns. This brand came...


Red Devil

Best Brand

Red Devil Clothing is a goth and hip apparel company making all sorts of clothing pieces and accessories. They are...


Penny Skateboards

Penny Skateboards are designed and made to look nice, perform well, and let customers get on a board and also...



Megawheels, established in 2017, is a high-tech private firm that combines R&D, manufacturing, and sales. Its core products are intelligent...


Third Love

One of the most common issues faced by most of the world's female population is not finding the right type...



With the help of innovation and a passion that drives its operations, Street Surfing is a modern brand in the...



Landyachtz is a leading brand in the consumer and retail industry. The minimalistic brand caters to individuals who love adventure...



Enoji is a skateboarding rand that manufactures clothing and skateboarding accessories. They have made their mark by creating satirical designs,...



Exotic leather is worth a luxury, which is what a brand, Dark Star Leather, ensures to its customers. It believes...

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the sites comparable to razor.com?

Certain websites identical to razor.com for shopping Electric Scooter products are sxt-scooters.de, segway.com, onewheel.com, swagtron.com and ninebot.com.sg

Why is 'Razor' more popular compared to other companies like Slice, Penny Skateboards and Darkstar?

The Reason is 'Razor' is the most sought after product manufacturer among internet buyers within all of the mentioned companies. Additionally, it is covered among nearly 29 identical topics such as Electric Scooter, Protective Gear and Complete Skateboards here on Brandlists.com.

Are Allway and Tajima related to brands like "Razor"?

Undeniably! Razor is identical to Allway and Tajima. They are leading Electric Scooter brands.

What is the "Razor" brand also known for?

Razor is known for "Electric Scooter, Protective Gear, Complete Skateboards, Electric Toys and Kids Scooters" brands.

What are some identical brands like "Razor"?

Some of the best equivalent brands to "Razor" are "Allway, NT Cutter, Red Devil, Penny Skateboards and Megawheels in not any particular order.

Is "Razor" an admired "Electric Scooter" brand?

Razor is ranked as the most popular Electric Scooter company on our website. Roughtly 450K people search about the brand on Google every month.