Top Sears Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Sears Includes Field & Stream, L.L. Bean, Cabela's, Saks Fifth Avenue, Eddie Bauer, Columbia, Sean John, Pendleton, Orvis, Arrow among many others.


Field & Stream

Popular Brand

Field & Stream offer you the best outdoor gear that makes your experience the best. May it be fishing, hunting...


L.L. Bean

Popular Brand

L.L.Bean was established in 1912. This company is dedicated to the good old active people who like to run free...



Popular Brand

Cabela is the brainchild of Johnny Morris. He founded the company in 1972. He loved the outdoors and wanted to...


Saks Fifth Avenue

Best Brand

Eddie Bauer

Best Brand

Eddie Bauer is the go-to store for great-end clothing to inspire, encourage, and empower everyone to enjoy the outdoors and...



Best Brand

Columbia bicycles are one of the oldest companies in the bicycle manufacturing industry. The brand has been developing and selling...


Sean John

Best Brand

Sean John offers a wide range of products in multiple categories. Tailored suits, outerwear, and loungewear comprise a few varieties...



Best Brand

You may discover a unique range of gifts and items, premium-quality home goods, fashion accessories, clothes, and jewelry in Pendleton....





Arrow is an electronic brand. They are the leading technology manufacturers of the time. They do their research and find...


Neiman Marcus



Nautica is a lifestyle brand that sells a variety of fashionable and high-quality apparel. They started as an outerwear company...


Bill Blass

Bill Blass is a women's fashion company that creates, markets, and distributes clothing, accessories, and cosmetics. Bill Blass began the...




John Varvatos

Having luxury goods is like building valuable assets. They showcase one’s strength, power, and ability to achieve what’s aimed. There...

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the median cost for buying "Sears" brand products?

"Sears" is included in "Food Processor", which has median pricing of $78, with $22 to $199 price range. Likewise the brand is also published in "Scissors", which has mean pricing of $12, with $2 to $44 price range.

What are some identical companies like "Sears"?

Some of the best alternative brands to "Sears" are "Saks Fifth Avenue, L.L. Bean, Columbia, Neiman Marcus and John Varvatos in random order.

How is 'Sears' well known compared to similar companies like L.L. Bean, Columbia and Neiman Marcus?

Because 'Sears' is the most inquisitive brand among search engines out of all of the mentioned companies. Further, it is featured among close to 116 number of categories such as Food Processor, Scissors and Vintage Radio here on

Amid "Sears", "Nautica" and "Pendleton" Which one is the well sought after "Home Gardening" company?

Sears is the most sought after amidst mentioned companies mainly due to its higher brand awareness online. They are also published on close to 116 other brand lists here on

Are Nautica and Nordstrom identical to brands like "Sears"?

Mostly yes! Sears is comparable to Nautica and Nordstrom. The three are popular Food Processor brands.

What is the "Sears" brand also popular for?

Sears is popular for "Food Processor, Scissors, Vintage Radio, Cb Radio and Women's Bra And Panty Set" companies.