Sennheiser is the future of audio. They believe they can change their users' auditory experience with their exceptional products and top-notch technology. Sound is everywhere, and we live and breathe in it. They aim to shape the future of audio by creating a unique experience for their customers. The company has been thriving in the industry for over 75 years and is still very ambitious. They are driven by a sense of passion and pure love for the sounds of the world.

Top Sennheiser Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Sennheiser Includes beyerdynamic, Koss, ULTRASONE, HIFIMAN, Etymotic Research, 1more, JVC, Jabra, Audeze, Beats by Dr. Dre among many others.



Popular Brand

Beyerdynamic is a more powerful brand in audio technology. Customers appreciate precision, expertise, and experience from the organization. Beyerdynamic's product...



Popular Brand

John C. Koss established Koss in 1958. Koss pioneered elevated driver units and rare earth magnets in stereo headphones, which...



Popular Brand

ULTRASONE creates, manufactures, and sells the best quality headphones and headsets. They produce sustainable audio products for the consumers using...



Best Brand

HIFIMAN deals with the world of sound. They craft premium earphones, headphones, and amplifiers. The latest technologies are used to...


Etymotic Research

Best Brand

The carefully engineered products from Etymotic will transform your hearing experience. They have been in the hearing assessment and acoustic...



Best Brand

1more is a brand that expresses itself through headphones. Their expertise is Buds with Noise Canceling Headphones. Buds are manufactured...



Best Brand

Entertainment is a field that has always been in progress, and it still continues to find something new every day....



Best Brand

Zebra is an audio products manufacturing company that produces professional-quality speakers and headphones. Their products are very reasonably priced and...



Having good audio quality is not only necessary for good communication but also the protection of your ears. Audeze takes...


Beats by Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine launched Beats with one objective: to deliver the most fabulous headphones in the world. They've...



Dunu is a modern brand curated for all music lovers that appreciate the essence of good music, quality acoustics, and...



Aiming to completely revolutionize the listening experience, Phiaton is an audio device innovator and manufacturer that seamlessly blends impeccable sound...



Westone Audio is an American manufacturer of premium earphones and in-ear monitors for professional musicians and audiophiles. For several decades...



The brand Zomo might sound like a weird drug, but they are a well-established company selling DJ cases and accessories...



Califone creates and produces superior-end headphones that elevate your musical enjoyment to a new level. Their headphones, headsets, and other...

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is "Sennheiser" a reputed "Headphones" company?

Sennheiser is listed as the most popular Headphones company on our site. Nearly 823K consumers research about the company on the web every month.

Among "Sennheiser", "1more" and "Zomo" Which one is the well sought after "Headphones" company?

Sennheiser is the most researched amidst mentioned brands mainly due to its highest web popularity online. Sennheiser also included on close to 98 different brand lists here on our site.

Where is Sennheiser from? How large the company is?

The Sennheiser is Wedemark, Hanover, Germany based firm incorporated in 1945. The 77 old Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing company has estimated 1000 to 5000 employees today working for them.

Why is 'Sennheiser' more famous compared to identical brands like beyerdynamic, 1more and Audeze?

Mainly because 'Sennheiser' is the most seached company on the web between all of the mentioned companies. Also, it is listed among close to 98 related categories such as Headphones, Sennheiser Headphones and Sennheiser Microphone here on our website.

Are 1more and Etymotic Research alternative to brands like "Sennheiser"?

Definitely! Sennheiser is an alternative to 1more and Etymotic Research. The three are famous Headphones brands.

What is the mean price for purchasing "Sennheiser" brand items?

"Sennheiser" is published in "Headphones", that has average costing of $45, with $12 to $245 price range. Similarly the brand is also featured in "Sennheiser Headphones", that has mean costing of $232, with $99 to $1444 price range.