SICK best manufactures sensor-based applications in the Industrial sector. Their commodities begin with mounting systems and end with plug connectors. When the focus is also on security, high-quality sensors with highly magnified lenses are necessary, and SICK has been experienced in this industry for quite a long time. These minor technology-based goods are readily available but lose quality, and SICK maintains the quality.

Top SICK Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to SICK Includes Banner Engineering, KEYENCE, Balluff, Pepperl, Autonics, Leuze, Tri-Tronics, Optex, Warner Electric, TAKEX among many others.


Banner Engineering

Popular Brand

Banner Engineering is a pioneer in designing and manufacturing innovative sensor, safety, and LED lighting solutions for severe industrial applications....



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Since 1974, Keyence has steadily risen to become a global leader in the design and manufacture of factory automation and...



Popular Brand

Balluff is an automation and sensor products and service provider to help make your life smarter and more convenient. One...



Best Brand

Pepperl+Fuchs, ever since its inception in 1945, has been focusing on automation and autonomous systems made available for the larger...



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Autonics is a leading provider of sensing technology and automation solutions with a global distribution network. Their objective is to...



Best Brand

Technology and its scopes are increasing daily, and so are its uses. Leuze innovations have been working on sensors since...



Best Brand


Best Brand

Warner Electric

Warner Electric is one of the global leaders in developing electromagnetic clutch and brakes solutions. The company is known for...



Takex offers technologies for different fields of engineering, optronics, and electronics, manufacturing various industrial photoelectric sensors, laser devices, inspection cameras,...



Turck is a globally leading supplier of electrical components to the automotive, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and packaging, electronics, and...



Omron Industrial Automation offers automation systems that support reliable production, quality control, and effective assembly procedures. Based on the human...



Cognex is a commercial company and the world’s leading provider of machine vision systems, sensors, barcode readers, and softwares used...



Datalogic has been working for over 40 years in the global technology sector. The company mainly designs and manufactures items...



The automated industry has boomed in the last few decades as they make new and flawless products and help reduce...

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average price for buying "SICK" brand products?

"SICK" is included in "Photoelectric Sensors", that has mean costing of $47, with $4 to $497 price range. Likewise the brand is also listed in "Photoelectric Switch", the category has mean costing of $17, with $6 to $155 price range.

Amid "SICK", "Autonics" and "TAKEX" Which one is the most admired "Photoelectric Sensors" company?

SICK is the most researched amidst mentioned brands primarily due to its highest brand visibility online. The brand is also published on approximately 16 other brand lists here on

Is "SICK" a reputed "Photoelectric Sensors" company?

SICK is published as a renowend Photoelectric Sensors company on Brandlists. Around 301K people search about the company on search engines every month.

For Which Reason is 'SICK' more reputed compared to other companies like Optex, Turck and Cognex?

Because 'SICK' is the highly inquisitive company on the Internet out of all the mentioned companies. Furthermore, it is added among close to 16 number of lists such as Photoelectric Sensors, Photoelectric Switch and Proximity Sensors here on Brandlists.

Where is SICK from? How large the company is?

The SICK is Waldkirch, Germany based company begun their journey in 1946. The 76 old Industrial Automation brand has about 10000 employees as of today working for them.

What is the "SICK" brand known for?

SICK is also popular for "Photoelectric Sensors, Photoelectric Switch, Proximity Sensors, Laser Sensors and Proximity Switch" brands.