The Loyal Subjects

The Loyal Subjects is a collectable toy company that expands and promotes storytelling, community culture, and fun interactions. The Loyal Subjects has partnered with all the premium brands in this arena, including Action Vinyls, Superama, and BTS AXN. Apart from this, it also produces exclusively designed products for anime lovers of Otaku and Kawaii. It has products for nearly every genre, including pop culture, battle champs, and horror lovers.

Top The Loyal Subjects Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to The Loyal Subjects Includes Super7, NECA, HEROCROSS, ThreeZero, Action, Playmates Toys, Toynami, Kidrobot, Dark Horse, Hasbro Mighty Muggs among many others.



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Super7 is a haven for nerds. They specialize in selling unique and old-school products related to games and pop culture....



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NECA is a leading manufacturer of licensed goods, including action figures, replicas, statues, replica props, and more. NECA is the...



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HEROCROSS is a unique block-based toy platform with a global alliance created by the world's leading design and R&D teams....



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Three zero produces figure style toy ranges with the collection of Marvel studios, transformers, the game of thrones, and more....



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Action is about the movement of life and the dynamic quality that life encapsulates. All kinds of lifestyle items can...


Playmates Toys

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Playmates Toys is the leading specialized toy and entertainment business, creating, manufacturing, and marketing an original, branded portfolio of toys,...



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Toynami is the leading manufacturer of collector toys, sculptures, and prop reproductions. In addition, they are a leading creator and...



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Kidrobot, a manufacturer of lifestyle items, is a leading creator and reseller of limited-edition toys. The hello kitty structure is...


Dark Horse

Dark Horse is a hub or one-stop destination for one's passion for reading comics and is the third-ranked among the...


Hasbro Mighty Muggs



Mezco is a marketplace where collectors may buy, sell, and display their favorite belongings. It has developed into a trustworthy...


Sideshow Collectibles

Sideshow Collectibles is a world-renowned licensed collectibles designer, manufacturer, and reseller. Its objective is to be the global leader in...



McDonald's India is the company's largest South Asian market, providing a fantastic selection of burgers, sandwiches, wraps, and salads, as...


Good Smile Company

Good Smile Company is a Japanese firm that specializes in producing top-notch quality figurines and other character merchandise based on...


Mega Bloks

Frequently Asked Questions

Between "The Loyal Subjects", "Action" and "Playmates Toys" Which one is the well known "Action Figures" company?

Action is the most researched within mentioned brands mainly due to its total search popularity on the web. It is also featured on nearly 11 similar brand lists here on our database.

What is the "The Loyal Subjects" brand popular for?

The Loyal Subjects is popular for "Power Rangers, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Blind Boxes, Xenomorph Toys and Predator Toys" brands.

What are various comparable brands like "The Loyal Subjects"?

Some top equivalent brands to "The Loyal Subjects" are "Super7, NECA, HEROCROSS, Sideshow Collectibles and McDonald's in arbitrary order.

Why Is "The Loyal Subjects" a well known "Action Figures" brand?

The Loyal Subjects is ranked as the best Action Figures company on this website. About 1.3K people research about the brand on the internet every month.

Are HEROCROSS and McDonald's alternative to brands like "The Loyal Subjects"?

Certainly! The Loyal Subjects is identical to HEROCROSS and McDonald's. The three are famous Power Rangers brands.

What is the average price for purchasing "The Loyal Subjects" brand items?

"The Loyal Subjects" is published in "Power Rangers", that has average costing of $16, with $0.99 to $126 price range. Likewise the brand is also featured in "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers", which has median pricing of $19, with $1 to $59 price range.