Thunder Tiger

Thunder Tiger is an Asian leader in producing and distributing Radio Control (RC) hobby items. Thunder Tiger has been involved in researching, developing, producing, and marketing RC model aircraft, boats, and vehicles for almost 40 years; founded in Taiwan in 1968. For nearly 40 years, the firm has been at the forefront of radio-controlled airplanes and is currently considered one of the most inventive in the industry. Consumers all across the world have been enthusiastic about the product.

Top Thunder Tiger Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Thunder Tiger Includes Hirobo, Mugen Seiki, Smartech, Align, HPI, Serpent, T2M, CEN, Kyosho, Hot Bodies among many others.



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Hirobo is a Japanese manufacturer of RC Helicopters and is a pioneer in this industry. Their radio-controlled helicopters are of...


Mugen Seiki

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Mugen Seiki Co., Ltd. is a global leader in R/C gas-powered Racing Cars and related parts. Consumers remarkably regard their...



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Smartech is a multi-purpose brand dealing with various kinds of technical and electronic products. Their primary vision is to use...



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Align is a company selling probiotics to consumers. They aim to improve people's gut health and daily wellness. Align holds...



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HPI produces a wide variety of Radio Controlled automobiles, trucks, and buggies. They create their radio control systems to ensure...



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Serpent Model Racing Cars is a European company that manufactures radio-controlled racing cars. With an experience of over 40 years,...



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T2M is a brand of radio-controlled racing car manufacturers and distributors. The company came into being in 1967, and it...



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CEN Racing has been in the line of remote-controlled car racing for over 15 years. Ownership shifted hands in 2015,...



Kyosho is a Japanese company specializing in the manufacturing of radio control cars. The brand's miniature cars and radio control...


Hot Bodies

Hotbodies Racing is a global pioneer in vehicle style and performance goods. They provide greater Windscreens, Undertails, Huggers, Exhausts, LED...



Novarossi Marine USA is the authorized North American importer for Novarossi World, the world's top supplier of RC motors, situated...



Futaba, a manufacturer, and distributor of vacuum tubes, was founded in 1948. Later, it began developing vacuum fluorescent displays employing...



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Team Associated manufacturers hardware components that are primarily utilized in autos. Their cars & trucks department has a great seller...

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is "Thunder Tiger" a well known "Remote Control Car" company?

Thunder Tiger is listed as a top Remote Control Car brand on Estimated 6.6K consumers research about them on search engines every month.

Why is 'Thunder Tiger' more reputed compared to identical companies like Kyosho, T2M and Serpent?

Because 'Thunder Tiger' is the most inquisitive product manufacturer on the Internet within all four brands. Additionally, it is listed among approximately 24 number of lists such as Remote Control Car, Rc Car Parts and Toy Trumpet here on our database.

What is the "Thunder Tiger" brand also popular for?

Thunder Tiger is known for "Remote Control Car, Rc Car Parts, Toy Trumpet, Remote Control Toys and Rc Servos" companies.

Are Hirobo and Hot Bodies alternative to brands like "Thunder Tiger"?

Generally yes! Thunder Tiger is similar to Hirobo and Hot Bodies. These are famous Remote Control Car brands.

What are some of the sites similar to

Some of the sites like for buying Remote Control Car products are,,, and

Amid "Thunder Tiger", "Kyosho" and "Futaba" Which one is the well known "Remote Control Car" brand?

Futaba is very popular within mentioned brands generally due to its overall web popularity on the web. It is also published on approximately 24 other brand lists here on this website.