Time Timer

The Time Timer helps children and adults understand time by seeing it as a colorful disc that melts in real-time. It's ideal for teaching children how much time they have to do their homework, wait in lines, or get ready for bed. It's also useful for grownups who want to know how much time they have left to prepare supper or take medicine. It provides structure, calm, and independence during regular transitions such as getting ready for school, homework, or bedtime by dividing them into smaller, more manageable portions.

Top Time Timer Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Time Timer Includes CDN, Kikkerland Design, Brannan, DRETEC, Tanita, Escali, Intermatic, Polder, Amco Houseworks, Harold Import Co. among many others.



Popular Brand

Selling measurement tools, CDN covers a wide array of measuring instruments. From thermometers to timers to scale, they sell all...


Kikkerland Design

Popular Brand

Kikkerland is a leading consumer goods and innovative products company that sells its unique designs of products. They have a...



Popular Brand

Brannan is one of the global brands manufacturing thermometers, pressure gauges, and other products in the UK. It designs sector-specific...



Best Brand

Cooking is a basic survival necessity for eating food and staying healthy, as is sustaining an impactful lifestyle. Maintaining an...



Best Brand

Tanita's principal place of business since 1944 has been the fabrication of quality gauges. Tanita is a global leader in...



Best Brand

Escali manufactures and supplies professional-grade measuring devices. The products are meant for both home and professional use. The company promises...



Best Brand

Their ARISTATM Advanced Lighting Control System, Intermatic, makes lighting controllers, thermostats, and other devices easier to install and maintain. It...



Best Brand

Polder makes living day-to-day life easier with their high-quality products of daily use. Whether it is Organizers, Bath items, or...


Amco Houseworks

Amco provides you with everything you need in the kitchen. Everything from scoops, pans, and other tools can be found...


Harold Import Co.

For the first time, Harold Import Company provides a comprehensive choice of kitchenware, goods, and food preparation equipment. They've gathered...


Kate Aspen

Kate Aspen is one of the world's largest and most well-known designers, manufacturers, and distributors of wedding favors, accessories, and...



When your floors get your feet cold during the chilly winters, SunTouch has your back. SunTouch keeps industrial, domestic and...



A home is a sacred place for any family. It is a place where love is celebrated, and kids grow...


Good Cook

Good Cook is an American brand of cooking supplies. We know it can be not easy to cook without the...



Roncoparts is an American brand of spare parts and accessories. They sell hard-to-find parts of Ronco light accessories throughout the...

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average price for ordering "Time Timer" brand items?

"Time Timer" is enlished in "Kitchen Timers", that has average costing of $17, with $4 to $249 price range. Likewise the brand is also listed in "Time Timer", that has median pricing of $22, with $4 to $117 price range.

Why Is "Time Timer" a renowend "Timers" company?

Time Timer is listed as a renowend Timers brand on Brandlists.com. Around 50K people research about the company online every month.

Are DRETEC and Kate Aspen related to brands like "Time Timer"?

Certainly! Time Timer is comparable to DRETEC and Kate Aspen. These are leading Kitchen Timers brands.

What are various identical companies like "Time Timer"?

Some of the best similar brands to "Time Timer" are "DRETEC, Brannan, Tanita, SunTouch and Harold Import Co. in not any particular order.

Out of "Time Timer", "DRETEC" and "Brannan" Which one is the most admired "Timers" brand?

Time Timer is very established within mentioned brands mainly due to its higher brand visibility on the web. The brand is also included on nearly 5 similar brand lists here on this website.

Where is Time Timer from? How big the company is?

The Time Timer is Cincinnati, OH, United States based firm begun their journey in 1990. The 32 old Consumer Goods brand has about 2 to 10 staff today working with them.