Token is a boon to the cyclist enthusiast community. They deal in bicycle accessories primarily aimed at the high-performance niches of cycling. Impressive among its product portfolio are five unique collections, each designed according to specific cycling accords, from the mixed road category to the one which requires ultimate durability and flexibility. Each product has its list of well-represented technical descriptions which help the customers choose/her best fit.

Top Token Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Token Includes FSA, Wheels Manufacturing, Neco, Problem Solvers, Velo Orange, Tange Seiki, Stronglight, AEROZINE, Origin8, CeramicSpeed among many others.



Popular Brand

The FSA brand has been associated with pioneer bike components for more than 60 years. Chainsets, cranksets, brakes, headsets, bottom...


Wheels Manufacturing

Popular Brand

Wheels Manufacturing assists with any need you may have if you're a cycling enthusiast or frame manufacturer. They began as...



Popular Brand

Riding bikes is all fun and games until something goes wrong and you aimlessly wander trying to find the best...


Problem Solvers

Best Brand

Problem Solvers is a bicycle brand that so many parts to ensure you have a great riding experience. They offer...


Velo Orange

Best Brand

Velo Orange offers components and accessories for bicycles. The company is dedicated to serving customers with high-quality gear and equipment...


Tange Seiki

Best Brand

Tange Seiki believes in the power of sound, which is why the firm creates headsets and audio systems like no...



Best Brand

Stronglight is one of the leading manufacturers of sporting goods. It provides various categories of products that works functionally well....



Best Brand

There are many materials to make bike parts from, but Aerozine provides one of the best titanium bike parts. The...



ORIGIN 8 is a manufacturer of the best quality, low-cost cycling components. They continue to create parts for the main...



Ceramic Speed was a bicycle and industrial bearings manufacturing company in 1998. What sets them apart from other companies is...



Brompton is a UK-based company that manufactures innovative folding bikes. The engineers here create unique and effective cycles with a...



Zipp is an automobile racing corporation specializing in producing parts for maintenance, upgrade, assembly, and aerodynamics. They have some fantastic...


Chris King

Chris King Precision Components is a Portland-based bicycle component manufacturer that was founded in 1976. With over 50 years of...



Syntace's products are known for their strength and lightweight, two features that are essential to the innovativeness of their products....



E*thirteen products are intended to give budget-conscious riders the most remarkable quality performance and dependability. They concentrate on designing components...

Frequently Asked Questions

For Which Reason is 'Token' more famous compared to similar companies like Neco, Origin8 and E*thirteen?

Because 'Token' is the highly sought after company among internet buyers out of all of the mentioned companies. Besides, it is listed among more than 5 similar lists such as Bottom Bracket, Shimano Bottom Bracket and Bb30 Bottom Bracket here on our website.

What is the median cost for purchasing "Token" brand products?

"Token" is enlished in "Bottom Bracket", that has mean costing of $27, with $6 to $74 price range. Likewise the brand is also categorized in "Shimano Bottom Bracket", the category has average costing of $30, with $5 to $152 price range.

Is "Token" a well known "Bike Parts" brand?

Token is featured as the most famous Bike Parts brand on Brandlists. Roughtly 246K consumers research about the brand online monthly.

What are several sites similar to

Few of the websites identical to to purchase Bottom Bracket products are,,, and

What are several similar brands like "Token"?

Some major related brands to "Token" are "Problem Solvers, Origin8, Brompton, Chris King and Syntace in random order.

Where is Token from? How large the company is?

The Token is Taichung City, Taichung, Taiwan based company begun their journey in 2002. The 20 old Sporting Goods brand has roughtly 10 to 51 employees as of today working for them.