Trasparenze is an Italian company founded by the Bandioli family in the year 1985 which mass fabricates stuff like tights, stockings, knee-highs, socks, and stay-ups. These apparel are made with the most delicate fabrics: Silk, wool, cashmere, and cotton, designed in contemporary and classic styles. The primary crowd-pleaser is the brand's customization services that allow you to choose the quality, design, even yarn, color, seaming or boarding, and so on. The brand brings out two annual releases of spring/summer collection and autumn/winter collection; this allows them to bring out new trends that drive in more clientele.

Top Trasparenze Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Trasparenze Includes Jonathan Aston, Gabriella, Pierre Mantoux, Emilio Cavallini, GERBE, Silkies, Pretty Polly, Conté, Aristoc, Filodoro among many others.


Jonathan Aston

Popular Brand

Jonathan Aston manufactures fashion-forward legwear started in 1965 in the UK. Their line of products includes stockings made out of...



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Gabriella has been creating high-end luxury clothing since 1996. It has a textile heritage and identity, and they are Poland's...


Pierre Mantoux

Popular Brand

An Italian producer of high-quality tights, stockings, and hosiery, Pierre Mantoux is a leading brand in the legwear industry and...


Emilio Cavallini

Best Brand

The clothing industry is a vast industry that contains several types of unique collections designed perfectly and introduced to the...



Best Brand

For all of your baby's needs, you should go to GERBE. They offer everything, from choosing the ideal present for...



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Accentuate your adorable body with Silkies. Women can find a collection of all products needed to shape and comfort their...


Pretty Polly

Best Brand

Lingerie should be the most comfortable garment owned by women, and Pretty Polly is set to offer one of the...



Best Brand

Cont, founded in 1997 in Grodno, produces hosiery and knitwear for ladies, men, and children. Tights for schoolgirls and little...



Aristoc hosiery is created to complement your natural attractiveness and provide a special touch to any ensemble. Whether you're looking...



Filodoro is a brand that focuses on dressing women's legs. With the help of Filodoro products, you can make your...



Razzamatazz was founded in 1972, and since then, it has been turning heads wherever the wearer of the brand’s hosiery...



Fogal a Clothing brand that has offered the world’s finest legwear&activewear since 1921 in Switzerland. They have the most premium...



ITEM m6 is planned by ladies, for ladies. The organization's plans embrace the female body: consistently steady, won't choke. A...



Sonax has become the best and leading car care manufacturer with hard work and experience of 50 years. Manfred Hoffman...



Originating in the1950s, Omsa has always been a woman’s est friend. The company was one of the first to strike...

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the "Trasparenze" brand also popular for?

Trasparenze is famous for "Designer Tights, Patterned Tights, Wool Tights, Plus Size Pantyhose and Winter Tights" brands.

Among "Trasparenze", "Gabriella" and "Pretty Polly" Which one is the most recommended "Tights" company?

Gabriella is the most searched amidst mentioned brands mostly due to its total web popularity online. The company is also listed on approximately 9 other brand topics here on Brandlists.

Is "Trasparenze" an admired "Tights" company?

Trasparenze is ranked as the best Tights company on Brandlists. Around 2.4K buyers research about the company online per month.

For What Reason is 'Trasparenze' more popular compared to similar brands like GERBE, Filodoro and ITEM m6?

Mainly because 'Trasparenze' is the most inquisitive product manufacturer among search engines within all four brands. Furthermore, it is listed among approximately 9 number of lists such as Designer Tights, Patterned Tights and Wool Tights here on

Are GERBE and Levante related to brands like "Trasparenze"?

Obviously! Trasparenze is similar to GERBE and Levante. These are leading Designer Tights brands.

What are different comparable companies like "Trasparenze"?

Some major related brands to "Trasparenze" are "Jonathan Aston, Pierre Mantoux, Silkies, Fogal and ITEM m6 in arbitrary order.