Top 50 Men's Cloth Brands in 2023

The most popular brands for Men's Cloth Includes Brixton, Hanes, Brisco Brands, Next Level, Stedman, SOL'S, Trevco, JERZEES, Trenz Shirt Company, Baby among many others.



Popular Brand

Brixton is a lifestyle brand that draws inspiration from music, culture, and the people around them. It is the result of a partnership between three friends who wanted to express their lifestyle via clothes and accessories that are unique and suitable for everyday wear. They sell various items, including caps, shirts, hoodies, jeans, and accessories. They take satisfaction in producing goods that efficiently bridge the gap between form and function, focusing on design and lifestyle accessories that are both intriguing and useful.



Popular Brand

Hanes is a brand that makes everyday apparel for its customers. They strongly desire to stick to the value and quality of the products. Hanes mainly focuses on athletic and lifestyle apparel made with the best raw materials to sit right on the skin. They develop the material along with the products in a safe and eco-friendly manner. Hanes has a vision of making the company reach new heights with a fresh outlook on the modern man's lifestyle


Brisco Brands

Popular Brand

Brisco brands make some of the best graphic and printed clothing inspired by TV shows and events in pop culture. They are a family-owned company and have been making quality apparel for over twenty years. They sell clothes that reflect a person's personality and are available in different styles and designs. The brand's clothing makes for the perfect gifting option, and they have a variety of shirts and hoodies for both men and women.



Best Brand

Stedman is the leading provider of quality promotional fabrics and environmentally friendly sportswear. With over 30 years of expertise, they offer everything you need to create your special promotion, including bespoke T-shirts, polos, hoodies, backpacks, and accessories. The clothes are personalized and may be imprinted with your company's logo. Order more fabulous printed clothes for less to promote your company or event. Their goods are created entirely of natural materials, such as organic cotton, 100 percent recycled polyester, or bamboo, and their inks are water-based and environmentally friendly.



Best Brand

SOL'S is an image textile brand. What does that mean? It means that they design and manufacture customizable clothes for their customers. The company was launched in 1991 when the founder, Alain Milgrom, decided to bring his passion for clothing and fashion to the forefront. SOL'S has revolutionized the way of French style. They explore and experiment with the different trends to bring out the originality of the designs. SOL'S as a brand has grown significantly in the last 30 years.



Best Brand

Trevco is a prominent consumer goods firm that assists licensed brands in going where the customer goes. They are a full-service licensing and brand management firm that delivers the best service and support to their customers to optimize their investment in licensed consumer products. They collaborate with both large and small businesses to provide unique items to their customers through all channels of commerce, including retail stores, e-commerce sites, wholesale distributors, vending machines, catalogs, and special promotions.



Best Brand

Jerzees is a company that combines fashion with ease to provide a selection of t-shirts, polo shirts, and other apparel....


Trenz Shirt Company

A family possession started in February 1998, Trenz Shirt Company is an internet retailer brand with over thousands of products....



Babyshop is a site dedicated to kids. You can find everything for your little ones here, ranging from toys to...



Keeping a clean environment is an absolute necessity in the post-pandemic world. Broadwalk has been creating cleaning formulas and solutions...


American Apparel

Dov Charney, a Canadian businessman, started American Apparel in 1989. It is a vertically-integrated manufacturer, distributor, and retailer of branded...


Old Glory

Old Glory is an independent business that provides you with the best in Music, Sports, and Entertainment Apparel and Gifts...


Burn Out Gear


Port & Company

Port & Company is a clothing company that provides the most outstanding items. They design t-shirts, sweatshirts, and caps worn...



Earthy eyewear is the world's first shop selling wooden sunglasses. All of their items are strong steel that provides true...


Van Heusen

Van Heusen is a well-known and oldest fashion company in the global market. In the 1900s, this company came into...






Pro Club

PROCLUB goods are for the discriminating guy who wants excellence in his life. From their superior fabric to our inventive...


Legend Lines

Legend Lines specializes in producing revolutionary designs of accessories for sports and classic cars. They have a unique style that...


Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers provide ready-to-wear clothes with classic products such as seersucker, madras, the first button-down collar, the non-iron shirt, and...



Nautica is a lifestyle brand that sells a variety of fashionable and high-quality apparel. They started as an outerwear company...


Twisted Envy

Twisted Envy offers a distinctive and unforgettable personalized present for all of life's occasions. They sell everything, including humorous phone...



Superdry’s story starts with the reverence for its roots and the creator. With origins in the English thrift stores and...



With bold, colorful, and energetic design, IZOD offers modern sportswear, high-tech golfear, and performance wear with a clean, youthful aesthetic....



Sport-Tek offers great-performance clothing for any sport, at any time, and in any location. You may find Sport-Tek's revolutionary materials...


Peter Millar


Robert Graham

Printed clothing is the focal point of Robert Graham. The different prints and striking colors, when they go together, create...



Chaps are on a mission to change men's fashion. They recognize that finding what you want can be difficult and...


Long Island

The Long Island is a concise and informative travel guide for busy travelers. This website is packed with great information...



Earache is a one-stop shop for all heavy metal bands' goods and merchandise. Earache gives you a way to truly...



Ezekiel is a fashion-forward clothing company that specializes in premium men's wear. Their specialty is tailored suits, denim, and shirts,...



Chess is one of the oldest games that came out of India way back in the day; the game requires...



Featuring all the latest trends in streetwear and casual fashion, Notoriouss is a female-owned online clothing boutique for both men...



Alore Store – Iconic Luxury Lingerie – Made in Argentina




Report Collection


Aesop Originals


Johnny Cupcakes




Rabens Saloner


Sovereign Code

The Sovereign Code is a fun and chill place to get yourself a fashionable look while still feeling comfortable and...



California Style was popularized by Kennington Ltd., a renowned men's clothing company, domestically and abroad. Over several years, there have...



Different occasions require different outfits. When an individual has fixed wear for every celebration and festival, why not have a...


Graphitti Designs



One very elevating factor of a clothing brand is when they are inspired by heritage and its history. Havanera delivers...



Threadless was created to support artists. They started as a Chicago-based t-shirt business in the year 2000. Since then, it...


Scott Barber


John Henry

John Henry produces dress shirts that follow a timeless silhouette. Its products follow simplistic designs, making them versatile. John Henry's...

Men's Clothes Buying Guide


Buying clothes can be a challenging experience for men, especially if they are not familiar with the latest fashion trends or their personal style. It can be overwhelming to browse through endless racks of clothing, unsure of what will look good and fit well. However, with a few simple tips, men can navigate the world of fashion and find the clothes that suit their style and budget.

Determine Your Style

The first step in buying clothes is to figure out your personal style. This can be a daunting task, but it is essential to ensure that you make the right clothing choices. Your style should reflect your personality, body shape, and lifestyle. Whether you prefer a classic, formal look, or a more casual, laid-back style, there are many options available.

If you are unsure of your personal style, take some time to research fashion trends and styles that appeal to you. Look through magazines or online resources to get inspiration for your wardrobe. You can also check out social media platforms like Instagram or Pinterest to see how other men style their clothes.

Determine Your Budget

After determining your style, it's essential to set a budget for your clothing purchases. Consider how much you are willing to spend on a few key pieces or a whole new wardrobe. Keep in mind that quality clothing can be an investment, and spending more upfront may save you money in the long run by lasting longer and staying in style for longer.

You should also consider the cost-per-wear of clothing. This is the total cost of the item divided by the number of times you plan to wear it. For example, if you purchase a $100 t-shirt and wear it ten times, the cost-per-wear would be $10. This calculation can help you make smarter buying decisions and avoid purchasing items that won't get much use.

Know Your Measurements

Knowing your measurements is essential in finding clothes that fit well. You should have your measurements for your chest, waist, hips, and inseam handy when shopping for clothes. This will ensure that you purchase clothes that fit properly and flatter your body shape.

Keep in mind that different brands have different sizing, so it's essential to try on clothes before purchasing them. A medium size in one brand may fit differently than a medium size in another brand.

Focus on Quality

When shopping for clothing, it's essential to focus on quality, not just price. High-quality items may be more expensive upfront, but they will last longer and look better over time. Look for quality fabrics like cotton, wool, or silk, and avoid clothing made from cheap materials like polyester.

Check the construction of the clothing as well. Look for double-stitched seams, high-quality buttons, and finished edges. These details indicate that the clothing was made with care and will hold up over time.

Invest in Staple Pieces

Staple pieces are timeless items that can be worn in multiple ways and will never go out of style. These items can be expensive but serve as excellent investments for your wardrobe. Some staple pieces for men include:

  • A well-fitted suit
  • A high-quality leather jacket
  • A versatile pair of jeans
  • A classic white dress shirt
  • A tailored blazer

Investing in staple pieces can provide a foundation for your wardrobe and make it easier to mix and match other items.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle should also influence your clothing choices. Consider the events you attend or the activities you participate in regularly. If you have a job that requires business attire, invest in a few high-quality suits or dress shirts. If you lead an active lifestyle, invest in durable clothing that can withstand rigorous activities.

Pay Attention to Detail

While the overall style and fit of your clothing are essential, paying attention to the details can take your outfit to the next level. Consider the accessories you pair with your clothing, like belts, watches, and ties. These items should complement your outfit and add to your overall look.

You should also pay attention to the color and pattern of your clothing choices. Certain colors can convey different moods or emotions, so think about how you want to come across to others. Patterns can also add visual interest to your outfit, but it's essential to keep them subtle and not overwhelm your overall style.


Buying clothes can be a fun and rewarding experience when you know what to look for. By determining your personal style, setting a budget, knowing your measurements, and focusing on quality, you can find clothing that fits well and looks great. Invest in staple pieces, consider your lifestyle, and pay attention to the details to take your outfit to the next level.

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