Top 30 Printer Brands in 2024

The most popular brands for Printer Includes HP, Canon, Epson, Zebra, Lexmark, Kyocera, Xerox, OKI, Ricoh, Intermec among many others.



Popular Brand

The Hewlett-Packard Company was founded when completely electronic computers did not exist. It was 1939, and the only printers were industrial-sized. Its defining feature was its health care plan for its employees and its use of an open office floor plan, allowing for convenient operations. Its manufacture of high-end products allowed it to rapidly gain a presence worldwide, making it one of the most famous technology brands today.



Popular Brand


Popular Brand

Epson is a leading tech company making high-quality and innovative equipment like printers and home projectors. Their projectors and printers are widely used in both general households and offices. The brand's products offer multiple functions and are very easy to use. They have a variety of printers, including Ink Tank and photo label Printers. Their projectors also have great specs like long-lasting battery life and high picture quality.



Best Brand

Zebra's mission is to create revolutionary technologies that will enable businesses of all sizes to simplify their processes and boost productivity. It delivers the tools you need to make work smarter, quicker, and more manageable, from intelligent tracking to item management and inventory control to a real-time location. The company provides comprehensive solutions and services for corporate information, asset monitoring, supply chain management, mobile devices, and other applications. They also offer industry-specific software to assist you in managing your assets, inventories, and staff.



Best Brand

Lexmark's robust imaging solutions and dependable supplies provide the quality, dependability, and performance that enable clients to generate professional-grade documents quickly. Their device and consumable portfolio are intended to function flawlessly together, allowing you the choice to print how, when, and where you choose. It has been a leader in image technology since its inception in 1985, and it continues to create innovative methods to make your printing, sharing, securing, and information management jobs easier. Enjoy a simplified workflow intended to increase productivity and streamline your company procedures.



Best Brand

The world's largest solar power generating systems manufacturer, Kyocera Corporation, is a global leader in developing and manufacturing electrical products such as mobile phones, printers, LCDs, copiers, and industrial electronics. The company's range of products includes solar power generators, integrated telecommunications solutions, intelligent energy management systems, LCD monitors, and projector lamps. Kyocera's corporate headquarters in Japan and its central manufacturing facility offer worldwide.



Best Brand

Xerox is your one-stop-shop for printing and office supplies. They provide solutions that let you achieve more and save money in an incredibly advanced environment, from ordinary printing to specialty papers. They provide commercial services, software, hardware, and supplies. Their goal is to assist you in being more productive, efficient, and successful. Their technology enables how you organize papers, communicate ideas, and collaborate throughout your business. They are the world's most extensive business process and document management firm. Their color technology enables you to print and share beautiful photographs.



Best Brand

OKI is a market leader in the software and networking industries. They deliver software and network solutions based on IoT...



Ricoh makes solutions for their customers. The corporate world is hard to run and can be done by specific software...



In London, Intermec is a well-known plumbing company. They are trained and experienced in dealing with any plumbing or heating...



Fargo was established in 1983, and for the past 35 years, it's been serving the best quality products like effective...



Dymo manufactures an easy-to-use variety of desktop, handheld, and portable label makers for home, business, and industrial settings. Home projects...



The 20th century saw a series of development and innovation. Infrastructural progress was also happening during this era. Every organization...


Star Micronics

Found in 1948, Star Micronics has become one of the leading solution providers for several issues of industries. They develop...



What do you do if somebody asks you to prove who you are? You take out a card that works...



Are all of the documents and other information on your desk printed? Isn't that so? Before you buy a printer,...


Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta can transform your business. They deal with the digital workspace, to be particular. They aim to solve the...



TCSprinters is a leading manufacturer of quality commercial printers. TCSprinters offers high performance, durability, newer ways, and economically friendly products....



With the boots in digital users, the scammers are proportionally increasing. To reduce the risk of online payments, data protection,...



Safety and security are the synonyms of Magicards, the brand known for its expertise in ID card printing technology. The...



Lifeprint is the only photo printer you need. Unlike other regular printers, Lifeprint allows you to put motion into your...



Your ideal printing partner for work, PeriPage, is an established brand of pocket printers. Easy to carry around, compact, and...



Bixolon strives to be the global leader in Enterprise Printing Solution Industry. Presenting the best solutions to businesses worldwide, the...



Axiohm innovates by creating and manufacturing many machines, printers, electric consumption boards with software, and numerous accessories in its facilities....



SATO provides products for labeling and printing, which has a significant role in identifying product quality, whether used in food,...



Mitsubishi Electric is one of the major manufacturers in the electronic industry. The Japanese company is recognized for its fast...



Printronix brand provides printers with highly enhanced industrial printing capabilities, especially for their buyers. Printronix is building its label with...



Konica Minolta is a solution to transform your digital workspace into a well-organized and efficient area. The post-pandemic era has...



GoDEX is an internationally recognized barcode printing specialized products manufacturer company. It has been more than fifteen years since this...



Munbyn is a brand providing label printers, thermal stickers, shipping scales, heating scales machines, label holders, and barcode scanners. Customers...

Printers Buying Guide

Choosing the right printer can be a daunting task because of the wide range of options available in the market. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you make an informed decision when buying a printer.

Types of Printers

There are different types of printers available in the market, and each type is designed to meet specific printing needs.

Inkjet Printers

Inkjet printers are one of the most commonly used printers globally, and they are ideal for printing documents or photos. The printers use ink cartridges to print on paper, and they produce high-quality prints. They are affordable, lightweight, and easy to use. However, they require frequent cartridge replacement, and the ink can be expensive.

Laser Printers

Laser printers are more expensive than inkjet printers, but they can produce more prints per cartridge, and they have faster printing speed. They are ideal for printing high-volume text documents, and they are also efficient in printing graphics. However, they are larger, and they require regular maintenance.

Multifunction Printers

Multifunction printers are options that combine printing, scanning, copying, and faxing capabilities in a single machine. They are ideal for home offices, small businesses, or individual use. Multifunction printers are cost-effective because you don’t have to buy multiple devices, and they save space. They are available in inkjet or laser options.

Printer Features to Consider

Consider the following features when buying a printer:

Connectivity Option

Printers usually come with different connectivity options. Traditional printers come with a USB cable, and they can only be connected to a computer. However, modern printers can be connected to computers, smartphones or tablets through Wi-Fi, Ethernet or Bluetooth. Consider whether you need to print from your mobile device or not.

Print Quality

The print quality of the printer determines the resolution of the output. Printers with a high resolution produce better prints. Inkjet printers have a higher resolution than laser printers, and they are ideal for printing graphics and images. Consider the print quality if you’re looking to print high-quality documents or images.

Print Speed

The speed of the printer’s output is an essential factor to consider if you have high-volume printing needs. Laser printers produce faster outputs than inkjet printers, and they are ideal for printing high-speed text documents. Consider the print speed if you’re looking to produce prints quickly.

Paper Capacity

The paper capacity of the printer determines the maximum number of paper sheets the printer can hold. If you’re looking to print frequently, consider printers with a high paper capacity to avoid frequent replacement of paper sheets.

Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)

The ADF is an essential feature to consider if you’re looking to scan or copy numerous documents. This feature enables you to load multiple sheets of paper for automatic feeding without having to do it manually. Consider the ADF if you want to automate the scanning or copying of numerous documents.


Buying a printer requires careful consideration because it’s an investment that will serve you for years. Consider the printer type, connectivity option, print quality, print speed, paper capacity, and ADF when buying a printer. We hope this guide has helped you understand the essential factors to consider when buying a printer.

Aside from the printer features mentioned above, here are additional factors to consider:

Cost of Consumables

When buying a printer, it’s essential to consider the cost of consumables like ink cartridges or toner. Typically, inkjet printers are more affordable than laser printers, but ink cartridges can be more expensive and need regular replacement. Laser printers, on the other hand, have more expensive toner cartridges but can produce more prints per cartridge.

Brand and Warranty

Choosing a trusted brand can save you from the hassle of dealing with a problematic printer. Research the brand’s reputation, customer support, and warranty before buying a printer. Most printers come with a one-year warranty, but some brands offer an extended warranty. Consider the warranty before making a purchase.

Size and Design

Printer size and design can affect your workspace set-up. If you have a small office or limited space, a compact printer is ideal. Also, consider the design and aesthetics of the printer. Modern printers have sleek designs that blend well with most office spaces.

Security Features

If you’re buying a printer for business use, consider the security features. Printers can pose a security risk, especially if they’re connected to the internet. Choose a printer that has built-in security features like encrypted storage, secure network connectivity, and password-protected access to sensitive documents.


When buying a printer, consider the type of printer, connectivity option, print quality, print speed, paper capacity, ADF, cost of consumables, brand and warranty, size and design, and security features. Ensure that the printer meets your printing needs, is cost-effective, and has the necessary features and warranties to provide a seamless printing experience.

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