Altech Corp.

Altech distributes high-quality and extensive devices and components effectively used in various industries, from medical to automation, industrial management, and process control. The company lends superior service and assistance to the buyers to ensure a perfect solution in designing an application best suited for their specific requirements. Altech also facilitates purchase satisfaction through its various assembly section that offers custom services, manufacturing changes, and implementation of different elements of value into the customer's projects.

Top Altech Corp. Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Altech Corp. Includes Heatmiser, Warmup, Nuheat, SASWELL, Lowenergie, Polypipe, Sprecher + Schuh, Uponor, AutomationDirect, Drayton among many others.



Popular Brand

Temperature is crucial whether you're at home or office. Heatmiser creates room thermostats that use advanced technology to provide the...



Popular Brand

The warmup is a forward-thinking firm that creates, produces, and distributes sophisticated heating controllers for underfloor heating systems. The control...



Popular Brand

In North America, Nuheat is a premium electric floor heating brand. In North America, nVent Nuheat is the leading brand...



Best Brand

Electronics have greatly influenced the way we live our lives. SASWELL always keeps developing state-of-the-art technologies that make our lives...



Best Brand

Established in 2011, Lowenergie is a new-age company aiming to provide good, energy-efficient products to uplift private, residential, and commercial...



Best Brand

Polypipe deals with making efficiency improvements to complex urban establishments. It includes above and below-ground drainage services for domestic housing,...


Sprecher + Schuh

Best Brand

Sprecher + Schuh is dedicated to offering excellent customer service, collaborating with customers to solve problems, and providing more outstanding...



Best Brand

Innovative plumbing solutions have been developed and distributed worldwide by Uponor. They provide a wide selection of equipment, ranging from...



AutomationDirect is an industrial solution manufacturing company. The company provides a range of solutions such as industrial software, controllers, and...



Energy management operations call for only one name and that is Drayton. The brand is delivering impeccable quality heating control...



Timeguard has the modern products you need related to time, light, safety, and climate, taking it all a step ahead!...



When your floors get your feet cold during the chilly winters, SunTouch has your back. SunTouch keeps industrial, domestic and...



It might be the ideal moment to give ProWarm underfloor heating serious consideration as an effective solution to heating your...



INKBIRD is a sophisticated Internet of Things technological business that was launched in 2010. Since its establishment, INKBIRD has committed...



Tado is a leading heating system manufacturing company selling smart thermostats for every home. Their thermostats take 31% less energy...

Frequently Asked Questions

What are few website alternative to

Few of the websites identical to to purchase Floor Heating Thermostat products are,,, and

What are several alternative companies like "Altech Corp."?

Some major comparable brands to "Altech Corp." are "Nuheat, SASWELL, AutomationDirect, PROWARM and tado┬░ in random order.

Are AutomationDirect and SunTouch alternative to brands like "Altech Corp."?

Generally yes! Altech Corp. is similar to AutomationDirect and SunTouch. These are famous Floor Heating Thermostat brands.

Is "Altech Corp." a renowend "Circuit Breaker" brand?

Altech Corp. is featured as the most famous Circuit Breaker company on our website. About 1.3K shoppers search about the brand on Google per month.

Where is Altech Corp. from? How strong the company is?

The Altech Corp. is Flemington, NJ, United States based brand established in 1984. The 38 old Other company has about 200 to 500 staff as of today working for them.