Amway Queen

Amway is the largest direct-selling company in the world, holding more than 800 patents. It manufactures and distributes beauty, personal care, nutrition, and home products. The products are sold in 100 countries worldwide through the network of Amway Independent Business Owners. Amway promises low cost, 100% satisfaction, a standard warranty, and friendly customer service to its customers and the businesses connected to it. Giving back to the community and sustainable development are its core values. The manufacturing of the products is done keeping the environment's security in mind. The company is headquartered in Ada Township, Michigan.

Top Amway Queen Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Amway Queen Includes Demeyere, Saladmaster, Sitram, Hawkins, Calphalon, Rena Ware, Fontignac, Emeril Lagasse, Health Craft, Carote among many others.



Popular Brand

A branch of the Zwilling group, Demeyer is a cooking utensil manufacturer. It aims to help the potential of every...



Popular Brand

Saladmaster is an American brand of cookware founded in 1979. With the founder's ambition of visionary cooking, he created a...



Popular Brand

A standard kitchen should have top-quality cookware so the chefs can show their full potential. Sitram fulfills this demand by...



Best Brand

Hawkins Cookers Limited is one of the country's major pressure cooker producers. Hawkins has been a leader in the pressure...



Best Brand

For amateur and professional chefs, Calphalon is a renowned manufacturer of cookware, bakeware, cutlery, and appliances. Their goods are temperature-resistant,...


Rena Ware

Best Brand

Renaware presents to you environment-friendly and sustainable kitchen wares. Its popular cook wares are available in a wide range of...



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Good food needs authenticity in all aspects, be it the ingredients or the utensils used for making it. Fontignac is...


Emeril Lagasse

Best Brand

Emeril Lagasse is an award-winning chef, and the company is dedicated to the art of cooking. A kitchen can be...


Health Craft

Health Craft is the one-stop solution for harnessing the hardware essentials of the home and all appliances a house can...



Carote is a professional cookware company, created by experts with a keen understanding of the various particulars and requirements of...



Every one out of ten persons is a food lover, so was Emeril Lagesse. He established his restaurants in the...


Swiss Diamond

Swiss Diamond was established back in 1974. Over the decades, they have worked to provide safe and satisfactory cookware to...



Cristel is a retailer and manufacturer of high-quality stainless steel kitchenware as well as the inventor of cookware with flexible...



GreenPan was founded back in 2007. GreenPan has been in the market for quite a while, if not a lot....



Mauviel has been producing high-quality copper cookware for professional and commercial markets since 1830. They provide cookware made of copper,...

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is "Amway Queen" a renowend "Pans" brand?

Amway Queen is listed as a top Pans brand on our website. Estimated 2.4K buyers search about them on search engines per month.

Are Emeril's and Mauviel identical to companies like "Amway Queen"?

Obviously! Amway Queen is related to Emeril's and Mauviel. These are leading Pot Stainless Steel brands.

Why is 'Amway Queen' very popular compared to other brands like Calphalon, CRISTEL and GreenPan?

Mainly because 'Amway Queen' is the highly seached company online within all the mentioned companies. Furthermore, it is enlisted among close to 7 number of topics such as Pot Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel Frying Pan With Lid and Egg Poaching Pan here on

Where is Amway Queen from? How strong the brand is?

The Amway Queen is blue bell, MI, United States based brand founded in 1970. The 52 old Retail firm having about 10000 staff today working for them.

What are few website similar to

Few of the websites similar to for shopping Pot Stainless Steel products are,,, and

Out of "Amway Queen", "Hawkins" and "Emeril's" Which one is the most recommended "Pans" brand?

Hawkins is the most researched amidst mentioned brands mostly due to its higher brand visibility on the Internet. The brand is also published on close to 7 other brand categories here on our database.