Applied Materials

Applied Materials was a company that started as a small set-up and became one of the biggest companies in the world. They provide manufacturing equipment, services, semiconductor software, and so on. The system manufactured by the company produces semiconductor chips used in electronic devices. The company believes everyone should have an equal say in making the world better. Solar technology and automation software are the other services that the company provides.

Top Applied Materials Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Applied Materials Includes Asmc Industrial, Fastenere, Grainger, Fastenal, Hobson, Aspen Fasteners, Powers, wabo, FABORY, Allen among many others.


Asmc Industrial

Popular Brand

ASMC provides everything related to the fastener. With an inventory of over fifteen million pieces, the company offers screws, bolts,...



Popular Brand

Fastenere is a business that allows them to collaborate with them and help them find solutions to any concerns they...



Popular Brand

Grainger is an industrial supply distribution company offering multiple products and services to serve customers worldwide. The company majorly supplies...



Best Brand

One of the major names in industrial and construction supplies production, Fastenal is a Minnesota-based company. Established in 1967 by...



Best Brand

Hobson was established back in 1935 by a man named Rob Hobson. The company is a family-owned business. The company...


Aspen Fasteners

Best Brand

Aspen Fasteners are veterans in the niche of industrial hardware. The company’s integrity has been fastened in its history. With...



Best Brand

Powers is a brand of power tools and accessories such as power fasteners and mechanical anchoring items. These products are...



Best Brand

The Washington Association of Building Officials is a non-profit professional organization of the state, county, city, and town officials in...



Fabory started back in 1947 with the sale of fasteners. They have grown exponentially through the years and have grown...



Allen's Plumbing Supply is a leading plumbing equipment supplier that has been number one in the industry for over three...



Lawson begins by collaborating with its clients to create an organized storage system and a restocking timetable depending on usage....


Midwest Fastener

Midwest Fasteners sells a wide range of goods in the insulation and construction sectors. Weld studs, stud welding equipment, insulator...



Festo Didactic is your ideal technical education partner. They provide educational tools for teaching vocational and technological courses efficiently. Students...



Clippard is one of the leading brands that manufactures and produces pneumatic valves and electronic controls. They specialize in many...


Bcp Fasteners

BCP Fasteners was established in 2011. The company is family-owned and operated. The company makes high-quality fasteners for every kind...

Frequently Asked Questions

What are several identical brands like "Applied Materials"?

Some major alternative brands to "Applied Materials" are "Asmc Industrial, Fastenere, Aspen Fasteners, Allen and Midwest Fastener in arbitrary order.

Is "Applied Materials" a well known "Transistoren" company?

Applied Materials is listed as a top Transistoren company on our site. It is estimated that 60K people find about the brand online per month.

Are Festo and Macsim related to companies like "Applied Materials"?

Certainly! Applied Materials is an alternative to Festo and Macsim. The three are famous Rivet Nuts brands.