Japan’s technological advancements are higher than any other country. Carrying this legacy forward is the Araya which is the oldest bicycle rim manufacturer and solved a significant problem that used to be faced by the bicycles often. The company started with wood and then moved to aluminum, titanium, magnesium, and stainless steel. At present, the rims they deal are 700C/29”, 650B/27.5.”, 26”,650A.

Top Araya Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Araya Includes Alexrims, Novatec, Phil Wood & Co., Wheel Master, Ambrosio, DT Swiss, Tange, Spinergy, Sapim, Rolf among many others.



Popular Brand

Alexrims is a cycling-obsessed engineering firm. It creates cycling-specific goods that are lightweight and durable, resulting in high performance and...



Popular Brand

Novatec is a manufacturing company that produces hubs, road and off-road wheels for bicycles. It designs strong, durable, and flexible...


Phil Wood & Co.

Popular Brand

Are you searching for the best quality components for your favorite cycle? Well, worry no more as your search ends...


Wheel Master

Best Brand

The Wheelmasters is a group of people operating as a business that guarantees benefits covering both road damage and rust!...



Best Brand

Ambrosio is a prominent bicycle rim and wheel manufacturer. They manufacture steel, aluminum, and carbon fiber wheels for a wide...


DT Swiss

Best Brand

Professional cyclists and ambitious amateurs benefit from DT Swiss's great quality goods. Wheels, hubs, spokes, rims, tires, and components that...



Best Brand

Tange enhances your life on wheels! Over the years, the Japanese company has been evolving bicycle technology and supplying other...



Best Brand

Spinergy makes tough and durable wheels for bicycles and wheelchairs to provide users with adequate support and grip while riding....



Sapim is the world's top maker of bicycle spokes and nipples and tricycles, unicycles, children's bikes, and strollers. The firm...



Rolf Prima is a Wheel Sets manufacturing company where one can find durable and quality wheels for their bicycles. The...



Wheels, or tires if you say so, are an important component of any vehicle. Fulcrum Wheels is a famous brand...



Hutch is a women's modern label known for simple, feminine clothing that is vibrant yet attractive and flexible. Every style...



For almost 30 years, Haro has been a dominant force in the BMX Freestyle scene. Haro is happy to continue...



Troxel is a company that makes bicycle seats and welded steel tubes. Troxel provides the highest value and quality in...



NuVinci is an online brand that manufactures bikes, cycling parts, and accessories. Their specialization in making durable and reliable tools...

Frequently Asked Questions

How is 'Araya' more famous compared to other brands like Wheel Master, Hutch and Troxel?

Since 'Araya' is the most sought after company on the web between all four companies. Furthermore, it is listed among approximately 7 similar topics such as Bike Wheels, Presta Valve and 26 Bike Wheel here on our database.

What is the mean price for purchasing "Araya" brand products?

"Araya" is enlished in "Bike Wheels", which has median costing of $41, with $7 to $369 price range. Likewise the brand is also categorized in "Presta Valve", that has average costing of $14, with $2 to $39 price range.

Out of "Araya", "Tange" and "Hutch" Which one is the most recommended "Cycling Equipment" company?

Hutch is very popular among mentioned brands mostly due to its overall search popularity online. Hutch also enlisted on approximately 7 similar brand lists here on

What is the "Araya" brand famous for?

Araya is known for "Bike Wheels, Presta Valve, 26 Bike Wheel, Bicycle Rims 26 Inch and Bike Rims 20 Inch" companies.

Is "Araya" an admired "Cycling Equipment" brand?

Araya is featured as a well known Cycling Equipment company on About 27K shoppers explore about them on the internet monthly.

Are Phil Wood & Co. and NuVinci alternative to brands like "Araya"?

Mostly yes! Araya is comparable to Phil Wood & Co. and NuVinci. They are leading Bike Wheels brands.